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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

She's how old??

The word over on HSMSHS yesterday, was 'Dip'. Fortuitous as it turns out, because as I mentioned in Saturday's post, Tim and I went in to Baxters on the way back from Elgin. I bought a couple of jars of their exquisite cranberry jelly (don't like the 'bits' in cranberry sauce) and after he'd had a taste of a free sample, Tim bought a jar of this stuff ......

I have to admit to not being too keen on the colour of it, but he says it tastes great, so no doubt I will have a try sometime!

It was also Aaliyah's birthday yesterday.

She is this old now ......

Can't believe it.

So yesterday, I was happily thinking that I only had three days left of being Personnel Person - and PL called in the morning:

PL: Hi, it's me
Me: Hi, how are you over in sunny Singapore?
PL: Are you sitting down?
Me: Should I be?
PL: Ummmmm, probably
Me: Ok, I am
PL: I'm staying for a few more days and I won't be back in the office till 27th
PL: Hello? Are you still there?
Me: Uh-huh
PL: You'll be fine!
Me: Uh-huh
PL: See you when I get back then
Me: Uh-huh

Oh dear.

Moving on ......

The word for today is 'Stripes'. Hmmmmmmm - where can I find stripes at work.

Here, of course .....

Once again, a phone photo.

Please Anita, don't come calling today!



Chris T said...

Oh poor you that's not fair! I agree about the colour of the dipping sauce - good idea for the challenge though

Diana said...

LOL at you Bobs. Just count the sleeps till PL is back! Mmmmm that cranberry does not look like I would expect it to.

Eleanor said...

Grrr. PL had better bring you back a spectacular gift.

Dee is like you,she prefers jelly, otherwise it's like having jam on your meat she says.

We like samples, we go to Dobbies just for the samples, lol. (fine foods are even finer when they're free)
(she went off as planned, but I had a text shortly after she'd left in a van, saying large scary man, wish me luck mum.) Gulp.

Diana said...

OOPs how could I think your dip was cranberry!

Flippin heck evey prompt could be the computer could n't it! I sit in front of mine so many hours a day.

Love your stripes!
and love from Di

Vanda said...

Hi Bobs, love your stripes photo & that sauce does look a bit weird, but I'd try it :O) Have a great day, PL will be home before you know it xXx

Hazel said...

Great idea for stripes - and your autumnal is just stunning.

Enigma said...

Wonderful interpretation of stripes. Nice!

Shannon said...

Hey hun, you'll be fine! Love all your photos! Happy Birthday to your girl!

Igotmebabe said...

Love both your dip and stripes shots :)