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Sunday, 5 October 2008


I haven't had time to play with my camera for a few days, so this is an oldie that I may have actually posted before, but hey-ho! :)

It's not a show-off photograph, but it's a show-off costume I made a couple of years ago for a LARP game, that we haven't actually played yet. Sadly, if I want to wear it now, I'd have to lose quite a few stones in weight before I could fit into it. Click for a bigger view.

It's in six pieces altogether .... the bustle cushion, the underskirt, the overskirt, the bustle, the bodice and the apron. The bustle is filled with hessian and is very heavy and the bodice is boned, but as a whole costume, it is surprisingly comfortable to wear.

Ever since October began, the weather here has been absolute pants. It's been cold, wet and windy with no sign of any change yet. It's too miserable to go out and do anything, although I have to go to Tesco later for fruit and stuff for work.

I'm abslutely dreading work for the next couple of weeks. Our personnel lady is going to Singapore on business for two weeks and I'm supposed to be doing her job (and my own) while she's gone. Now I'm not the most confident of people, as anyone who knows me will verify, so to be asked (nay, told) to cope while she is away, is terrifying. I think you have to be a certain type of person to do personnel and I'm NOT that type at all. And then, when she gets back, she'll be in the office for 4 days, then she's taking a weeks' holiday! I don't blame her, but oh my, I am just so filled with trepidation at the thought.

Tim says I'll be fine, but I know I won't be.



Diana said...

That costume is just gorgeous - I would be hunting for an occasion to wear it! GREAT SOS!

Eleanor said...

Amazing costume, well worth showing.
As to the personnel bit, well, all I can do is wish the next few weeks pass quickly. No good me saying you'll be just great, you won't believe me, if Tim can't convince you, but I hope they're paying you extra.
Can you plan a special treat for a month's time,theatre or a meal? Something to look forward might help,if not,well it'll soon be Christmas.

SuzyB said...

Beautiful costume Bobs, you are so telented.

As for the personnel thing, it is nerve wracking when youre asked to cover for someone. My advice would be to stop putting so much pressure on yourself to perform the role as her, or as 'that type of person' and just do it as yourself, do it as you do your own role, own it. Either that or imagine that everyone you encounter whilst doing it, is naked. Could be more fun too :o) xxx

Chris T said...

Wow what a clever lady you are - beautiful costume, but, what is a LARP game?? Like your "wait" as well

Darcy said...

oooo how clever are you!!!! that costume is amazing,really beautiful, I am hopeless at dressmaking.

Sue Nicholson said...

Amazing costume . . . my memory may be playing tricks but I think I have seen it before. You are so talented Bob's :-)

Confidence! Oh to be able to pop out and buy a little extra when you need it . . . now that would be a guaranteed best seller :-)

I have a philosophy, (can't spell though), that for every downside is an upside. Can't always make it work but I do try and it helps me.

Good Luck. Go get 'em girl :-)


Cheyne said...

That is beautiful!!!

Diana said...

OMG i am so glad there is someone else like me who repeats things over and over. I also do it with car number plates LOL. Good luck with the Personnel job - my strength to you Bobs!
Love Di X

Shannon said...

Don't you look cute in that very old fashioned dress!! Love It!

WeirdCat said...

You will do far better than you think.

Kerry said...

Lovely costume. It looks very heavy though.

Sue Nicholson said...

So, how's it going Bobs? I know it's early days, but here's hoping everything is working out really well :-)

Take Care . . . Keep Smiling . . . Sue