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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Spammers .... grrrrrrrr!

I see that quite a few of us were visited by a comment spammer yesterday. Honestly, have they nothing better to do?

That's all I have time for just now. No photograph yet.

I'll try this evening!




Sue Nicholson said...

I don't get spammers! Anon comments once or twice but these were to do with my post.

I have no idea if the reason why is because I have "Let Search Engines Find Your Blog" set to no and/or "Adult Content" No!!! These are in basic settings.

I don't bother with word verification as I like to see my comments before they are posted . . . maybe word vef would put them off.

AND even tho they are annoying, I somehow can't help thinking I am missing out here. Human nature is very strange don't you think?

Grain! No ideas whatsoever.

Have a good Thursday posing as a Friday ;-D


Diana said...

Dear Bobs so sorry you are getting bad/ odd comments!