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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Two posts in one day .....

..... whatever next?!

First off, I have to say how mortified I am that, on the very first time that Anita has visited my blog, I just had to have posted that awful, pixelated 'Welcome' shot!Sod's Law, isn't it? Why couldn't she have visited when I had put up a half decent shot?

Ah well!

So Tim and I went to Elgin to the craft shop there. It was packed full of customers because, unbeknown to us, there were some craft demo-ers there. We didn't buy an awful lot, just a few bits and pieces, but it's always nice to go somewhere new. Yes, I know I've been there with Kerry, but it was new to Tim, so there! Lol

Speaking about Tim .....
I always cut his hair using the No2 guide on the clippers, so last week he asked me to give him a trim and I obliged. I always start at the front, then I do the sides, then the back and finish by going all over it again to get rid of any stray hairs.

So I merrily cut the first strip .....

then the second strip ......

then I realised something wasn't quite right.

Yep, I forgot to put on ANY guide at all, so I'd just cut two strips as near as dammit to his scalp!

Well after that, I was forced to do the rest of his head the same.

Skinhead, anyone? I'm taking bookings.

Fortunately, he wasn't in the least upset, although he says his head is cold!

I took this today at Baxters, as we had our lunch there on the way home from Elgin.

You may think it doesn't look too short, but bear in mind that this was taken just over a week after the event and it is about twice as long as it was last week. Why, you could almost get it in a pony tail now compared to what it was!

At the last crop in Fraserburgh, I finished two LO's and said I'd try to get them uploaded, so here they are.

First is one with three photos of Kali when she was just 4 years old. I love these shots and always wanted to scrap them. We gave her a lipstick and told her to put it on without giving her a mirror. The first photo is the result and the second two are her reaction when she finally saw herself! Please click for a much better view.

A couple of months ago, Kerry and Simon went off for the weekend to the Reading Festival, leaving Tim and I in charge of the kids. Kerry HATES Crocs, but the kids all wanted some ...... so because we were in charge, we bought them a pair each!

This is the first time I've tried leaving so much space in a LO. I'm not sure about it. I think maybe a prettier background colour might have worked better, but I'm not changing it.



Sue Nicholson said...

No! Don't change it . . . it's a perfect backdrop :-) Actually I really like this lo, though I do understand about the "space". The "simpler" style lo's really do allow the photo to take centre stage.

Lipstick. Oh so funny. I wish I had thought of this when Sarah was younger. I must remember to tell my friend to try this idea with her daughter :-)

I totally get you comment re Anita! It's happened to me too and also when Andrew popped by. Ah well. Have you seen Anita's photography blog OMG the link is at the side of HSMSHS.

LOL at the hair. Joshua likes his hair this short. I really wish he would have it longer.

Hope your week covering at work went well.

Bye for now . . . Sue

Sharon said...

The LOs are gorgeous.
Tim will be needing a woolly hat for the weather up here LOL:-)

maz said...

LOL at the haircut Bobs! I'm going to send my boys up to you, that's exactly what they need! I love the LOs, I'm a big fan of white space meself! Less is more and all that...
Thanks for your heartfelt words on my blog the other day:)