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Friday, 3 October 2008

WAITing (im)patiently

Just a quickie from me this morning, with my pic for WAIT.

Here I am WAITing for Anita's news about an exciting announcement on HSMS!

Excuse the quality - it was taken on my phone.

Being the heavy metal freak that I am, I bought Metallica's new album yesterday - Death Magnetic - and bugger me if I didn't forget to put it in the car this morning. Kerry says it is a proper return to their heavy roots, as opposed to their namby pamby albums of the past few years. Can't wait to listen to it!

James Hetfield RULES!!!



Diana said...

LOL well done!

WeirdCat said...

get on with your work Missus!

SuzyB said...

LOL I know the feeling Bobs, still she says theres not long to go!

Igotmebabe said...

A great take on the prompt, I wonder what we are all waiting on :)

Cheyne said...

Love it!! :D

maz said...

What a great idea! We're all waiting for that!

Rach said...

LOL what a fantastic idea for todays shot! x

Jenn said...

Ha ha! Too cute! Also, my son and nephew would agree with the James Hetfield comment! :-)

Eleanor said...

Hehe. Anita has 'got the power'.
As for metallica, um, my taste is a bit lighter, lol.

Sue Nicholson said...

Love this shot :-) Clever idea. I am well and truly stumped too . . . not long now :-)

Are you like me? I am scrutinising the photo to get more of an insight in to your world. Lil teddy, must be sentimental, notes, oh yes I need those too, you are right handed, me too, wear your watch on your left and a bracelet on your right. Office is light and I can see an empty chair and coffee table. And no drink in your mug . . . :-)

I am the person who tries hard to not to look in to peoples homes when the light is on and the curtains open . . . regluar fail . . . :-)

Shannon said...

Patience is a virtue! But maybe not for you!