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Sunday, 23 November 2008

More Snow!

Overnight, a thick blanket of snow has descended and covered the whole garden. Tim's car has all but disappeared under it and some of it is a couple of feet deep where it has drifted in the corners of the steadings.

On the plus side, the wind has completely gone, but the sky is heavy and grey - an omen of more snow to come, perhaps?

Sunday means SOS and here's mine. It's a Ttv shot of a deer skull that Tim found on one of his geology trips and took home. It lives in the garden and obviously, this was taken before the snows came!

I got some bargains yesterday from Tesco, for Christmas pressies for our various small nieces and one nephew. Lovely, cosy padded jackets for them all - and all at 20% off (ALL clothing). Fab! But the biggest bargain was Tesco's own fake Uggs. The big writing on the label says £10 ...... but in smaller writing at the bottom, it says 2 for £15 ..... PLUS the 20% off. Means I got two pairs of Fake Uggs for £11!!!

Oh yeah!

I've braved the cold and taken these shots of my garden.
Fir tree:

A corner of the patio:

Also pointed up and saw these geese. Not a great shot, but they are so LOUD!!


Saturday, 22 November 2008

Saturday again

So that means it's SPS again! This time, HSMSHS is asking for a B&W shot and here is mine. Saffron, with her face painted.

It's absolutely freezing cold up here in NE Scotland today. Icy blasts of arctic winds bringing snow and more snow. I'll try to get some pics today and post them to let you see.

Roll on, spring!


I braved the elements and went out to the garden to take some shots. Didn't manage to stay outfor long and not because of the cold ...... it was because the camera battery died! It's on the charger now.

I took this one:

I also took some Ttv shots which will be on my Ttv Blog very soon!


Thursday, 20 November 2008

Spanish Spiral

Spanish, is the word today over on HSMSHS.

This is mine ..... a spiral staircase inside the Sagrada Familia, when Tim and I went to Barcelona earlier this year.

I want to go back!


Sunday, 16 November 2008


When we went to see the Wickerman burning last month, there were numerous other activities for kids to take part in. From creepy story-telling around a fire in the iron age roundhouse, to seeing what life was like in a Roman encampment ..... and Poi!

Poi is the art of fireball spinning. There was a Poi workshop and the kids loved it! Obviously, they weren't using real fireballs though!

Beginners use sock-type things, made from a non-stretchy fabric, with weighted balls down at the 'toe' end. Then, you just spin them! There are loads of moves to learn and the kids spent the best part of an hour there.

So, for my SOS today, here's Kali in mid-spin!

I'm cooking (don't fall down with shock - although I hate cooking, I have to do it occasionally!) a beef stew for supper tonight. Tim is away taking some of his students on a field trip today and won't be home till after 7.00pm tonight. It's freezing cold and I know he'll be hungry, so I'm doing tatties, cabbage and also making dumplings too! It's his favourite - and one of mine too! I'm cooking the beef on the hob at a very low temperature and the aroma is just wonderful, even though I say it myself. By the time he gets home, it will be as tender, as tender can be!

I wonder who will be voted out of Strictly tonight. By rights, it should be John Sergeant. I think he's lovely and it great entertainment, but there really are much more committed and talented celebs and it's a bit of a shame if one of those gets voted off instead.

Oh, and did you see Cherie's legs last night? Wow, wow and thrice I say, wow! She's in incredible shape ..... not only for HER age, but for any age!


Friday, 14 November 2008

SPS ... and another Catch-up

I've been laid low by the dreaded lurgy for the past couple of days, so I've been off work, barely able to lift my head without running to the loo to be sick.

Not nice at all.

I haven't played HSMSHS for a wee while, so here is my SPS for today:

My grandson, Cameron, taken last month, but only just uploaded!

And here are a few by way of a catch-up.








A huge 'Thank You' to Sue for this tag! I'm absolutely thrilled!

As Sue said in her comment, it is highly unlikely we would ever have met were it not for the magic of the internet and the inspiration of HSMSHS!

So now, I have to nominate 6 people too. In no particular order, I would like to tag FeeFee, Annette, Sharon, Maz, Lorraine and Diana.

I could have given it to so many people, it was hard to stick to 6!

Laters gators.


Wednesday, 12 November 2008


The word over on HSMSHS today, is Game. This is a cheat, I'm afraid. I used this shot the last time this word was used!

I'm still proud of my brain age though ... considering my body's age is 51! :)

More later. In the meantime, I've put some more TTV shots in my TTV blog (link at the side).



Thursday, 6 November 2008

Scary photos continued ...

A few of you said in your comments yesterday that you'd like to see more photographs from Saturday night.

Don't say I don't give what I'm asked for! :)

Jodie, oozing black goo from her mouth (it was only water with black food colouring!) :

Gordon and Jodie:

My girls. I think they get their good looks from their dad. :)

Our friends, Fiona and Shanne:

Darren and FeeFee as Herman and Lily Munster!

Kerry wearing her wings, beside her friend Kim (Malificent)

Happy First Prizewinners!

Jodie, delighted with her trophy! :)

And that's your lot, folks!

Till next year!


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Be warned .... scary photos!

Finally, here are a select few of the photographs that were taken on Saturday at the Hallowe'en party. Some of them - especially Kerry's make-up, are pretty extreme .... but brilliant too!

I'll begin with a couple of milder ones.

This is Jodie's friend Joanne:

and Joanne's sister Kerry. Don't know if any of you have ever watched The Mighty Boosh on TV ..... I haven't, but apparently, this is a character called Old Gregg!

This is me!


On to the scarier ones now.

That's Jodie on the left, as Medusa, complete with snake-eye contact lenses! Me in the middle and Kerry on the right. She is a fire fairy and she made all those burns herself, using gelatine, glycerine and food colouring. She also had wings that she wore in the pub later.

Kerry aso had prosthetic fairy ears and scary-looking teeth! Yikes!

Finally, here is my friend Gordon (Phantom of the Opera) with my gorgeous girlies! :)

I also just thought that I'd mention that I ALWAYS make my own costumes and my girls either make, or put together, theirs. No shop-bought costumes for us! :)

Do you want to see any more later???? :)


America has just taken a huge, momentous, historic step forward this morning with the election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.
It's so difficult to fathom that, not so long ago - within MY lifetime - non-whites were not permitted to use the same public transport as whites, nto allowed to go to the same schools, etc etc ...... and now the people have actually voted for a non-white man to lead them.

Fantastic. Brilliant.

My only fear now, is that the crackpot white supremists (KKK et al), might try to do something about it.

But for now, I'm thrilled.


Sunday, 2 November 2008

SOS - with a twist!

With Suzy in charge this weekend, we just knew there would be something different on HSMSHS!

So today's SOS (Show-off Sunday) had to have set or collection. I don't really have any sets or collections apart from, once again, my Little Apple Dolls.

So, here they are again! They'll be getting famous at this rate. Lol

We had a fab time at the Hallowe'en party in the pub last night! I'll be posting some scary pics of very scary people later on!


Saturday, 1 November 2008

SPS - with a twist!

So today over on HSMSHS, we're having an SPS (self-portrait Saturday) with a wee bit of a difference.

We have to post a pic of ourself that has a bit of a story behind it.

Well, I have hundreds of pics of myself, but this one says just what I want to say!

I was born with a terribly bad squint and in all my baby photos, this is very, very obvious. I had a operation to straighten my eye when I was 5 and I was SOOOO proud of my straight eyes.

Sorry this is such a poor quality shot, but this is just a tiny part of a larger photo, Anyway, I think you can see how chuffed I am in it.

See the way I'm opening my eyes more than is necessary? I'm showing-off! Lol

However, because the squint was so bad and it wasn't corrected till I was 5 years old, the damage to my optic nerve was too far gone and irreparable, so now I'm practically blind in my right eye.

And do you know when it's most annoying? When I'm taking photos with the digital camera. I have to look through the viewfinder with my left eye, so I'm always left with a lovely nose print on the screen at the back!!

Ghosties and Ghoulies and Long-Legged Beasties......

Unless you were living in another world, you'll know that yesterday was Hallowe'en, when people dress up in scary clothes to try to scare away the evil spirits! Till very recently, up here in Scotland, this practice was called 'Guising', but it seems that everyone now does 'Trick or Treat'.

We had the grandchildren round .....

I disguised myself as a ghostie (can you see me?).....

Tim and I carved pumpkins ... his is on the left, mine on the right -

It's the adults' turn tonight! We're off out, in costume of course, to our local pub for their annual Hallowe'en party!

Hopefully, I'll have photos tomorrow!