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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Be warned .... scary photos!

Finally, here are a select few of the photographs that were taken on Saturday at the Hallowe'en party. Some of them - especially Kerry's make-up, are pretty extreme .... but brilliant too!

I'll begin with a couple of milder ones.

This is Jodie's friend Joanne:

and Joanne's sister Kerry. Don't know if any of you have ever watched The Mighty Boosh on TV ..... I haven't, but apparently, this is a character called Old Gregg!

This is me!


On to the scarier ones now.

That's Jodie on the left, as Medusa, complete with snake-eye contact lenses! Me in the middle and Kerry on the right. She is a fire fairy and she made all those burns herself, using gelatine, glycerine and food colouring. She also had wings that she wore in the pub later.

Kerry aso had prosthetic fairy ears and scary-looking teeth! Yikes!

Finally, here is my friend Gordon (Phantom of the Opera) with my gorgeous girlies! :)

I also just thought that I'd mention that I ALWAYS make my own costumes and my girls either make, or put together, theirs. No shop-bought costumes for us! :)

Do you want to see any more later???? :)


Chris T said...

Wow - great!

God's Rock Angel said...

They are seriously cool costumes!

I'm not a celebrator of Halloween but you looked like you had a good time!

SuzyB said...

OMG how cool are those costumes!! I want to see some more!

Eleanor said...

Yikes, knew they'd be good, but they're fab. You do know how to make the effort to have a good time up there don't you?
More? Yes please.

Diana said...

wow wow wow what great costimes and pics! They are really fabulous!

Love from Di X

Rach said...

OMG those are seriously cool costumes and that makeup is just fantastic. I want to see some more too please. x

Fiona McCrae said...

wow, I didn't know Kerry had made all the burns, thats pretty awsome!
You all looked great, can't wait for next year!
Might try and grab u sometime tae bend yer ear about your victorian costume you made cuz I'm thinkin o makin my own...

Elizabeth Harper said...

WOW! You really do Halloween up right! Glad to have found you through diving for pearls this morning.