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Wednesday, 12 November 2008


The word over on HSMSHS today, is Game. This is a cheat, I'm afraid. I used this shot the last time this word was used!

I'm still proud of my brain age though ... considering my body's age is 51! :)

More later. In the meantime, I've put some more TTV shots in my TTV blog (link at the side).




Jolanda said...

Great job. Well done!

Diana said...

Great cheat Bobs!

Diana said...

BTW those dreaded school dentists in Scotland also extracted teeth unnecessarily!!!

Igotmebabe said...

Great shot and a great game :)

Cheyne said...

Cool pic!!

Chris T said...

Great idea - my brain age is no where near as good as yours but my body is doing better - last body training today was 44 !!! ( on a good day it's even better - but I don't know what I do differently)

Sue Nicholson said...

LOL I remember this . . . my memory is better than I thought :-D

That is a great brain age, i doubt mine would be less than double that . . . but we'll never know as I don't have one of these.

Christmas wish this year is a larger monitor for my pc. Wonder if sarah fancies one? ;-)

Thanks for all your comments Bobs :-) And have you seen that you have been tagged my me in yesterday's post?

You know something, I dounbt very much that we would ever have met "face to face", I mean where would we, but here in the wonderful world of the net, we have stubled across each other via HSMS . . . how cool is that :-)

I am nipping off to see your TTV photos now :-)

C'mon you surely have a photograph of a pub . . . surely ;-D

Sue :-)

Sue Nicholson said...

OK . . . stuble is very different to stumble . . . but hey this is the beauty of no spell checker . . . weird words and nonsenseical meanings :-) Not even sure that is a word!!!