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Sunday, 23 November 2008

More Snow!

Overnight, a thick blanket of snow has descended and covered the whole garden. Tim's car has all but disappeared under it and some of it is a couple of feet deep where it has drifted in the corners of the steadings.

On the plus side, the wind has completely gone, but the sky is heavy and grey - an omen of more snow to come, perhaps?

Sunday means SOS and here's mine. It's a Ttv shot of a deer skull that Tim found on one of his geology trips and took home. It lives in the garden and obviously, this was taken before the snows came!

I got some bargains yesterday from Tesco, for Christmas pressies for our various small nieces and one nephew. Lovely, cosy padded jackets for them all - and all at 20% off (ALL clothing). Fab! But the biggest bargain was Tesco's own fake Uggs. The big writing on the label says £10 ...... but in smaller writing at the bottom, it says 2 for £15 ..... PLUS the 20% off. Means I got two pairs of Fake Uggs for £11!!!

Oh yeah!

I've braved the cold and taken these shots of my garden.
Fir tree:

A corner of the patio:

Also pointed up and saw these geese. Not a great shot, but they are so LOUD!!



Sue Nicholson said...

That's a super TV shot. It's a little eerie for me . . . almost scary! As always, love your photos :-)

Snow! OMG! Nothing here at all although it is bitterly cold, too cold for snow I think. Did you see "We are most amused" last Sunday? The opening act had me splitting my sides especially when he went on to refer to Novemver and Christmas . . . he could have done snow too :-)

Bargains! Excellent :-) I decided not to look for them, just decide to buy what I need to so as to save time and energy. Guess what . . . yep the bargains are presenting themselves without me seeking them out :-D LOL I love that.

Scrolling down :-)

Sue Nicholson said...

Here's the link . . . hope it makes you smile :-)

Eleanor said...

I think I'd prefer your snow to this biting wind and lashing rain.
Love the patio corner - I want to scoop it off and play.

Kate said...

Great photos, kids were hoping for snow but we are too far south this time around, its just clear and cold.

I'm off to try and get me some of those boots.

Chris T said...

Great skull photo, don't envy the snow but love the photo of the snow on the xmas tree.

voodoo vixen said...

Snow! Still can't figure the snow while I am sitting with the air con on!! Hope the central heating is working in my house! Love the geese photo... when I lived at Hythie they all gathered at the bottom field and the noise was like a major party going on!

Diana said...

Great shots Bobs! Hope you are not too cold with all that sbow!
Di X

Sue Nicholson said...

Just nipped back . . . thanks for your comment :-)

Love the extra photos, especially the first. And you have to be so quick to get the geese . . . I tried last year and failed miserably. They do make the most amazing noise though.

LOL at Eleanors comment . . . what fun a snowball fight would be!

Bye for now . . . Sue wondering what you will do for Scottish!!!

Cheyne said...

Wonderful pictures!!

WeirdCat said...

Great pics Bobs

Rach said...

No fair. You got lots of snow and we didn't :( No fair. You got two pairs of Uggs at a fantastically bargainy price and I didn't :(
No fair you have a deer skull in your garden !?!? Saying that I do have a sheep skull in my living room well I think it is/was a sheep xxx