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Friday, 14 November 2008

SPS ... and another Catch-up

I've been laid low by the dreaded lurgy for the past couple of days, so I've been off work, barely able to lift my head without running to the loo to be sick.

Not nice at all.

I haven't played HSMSHS for a wee while, so here is my SPS for today:

My grandson, Cameron, taken last month, but only just uploaded!

And here are a few by way of a catch-up.








A huge 'Thank You' to Sue for this tag! I'm absolutely thrilled!

As Sue said in her comment, it is highly unlikely we would ever have met were it not for the magic of the internet and the inspiration of HSMSHS!

So now, I have to nominate 6 people too. In no particular order, I would like to tag FeeFee, Annette, Sharon, Maz, Lorraine and Diana.

I could have given it to so many people, it was hard to stick to 6!

Laters gators.



voodoo vixen said...

Thanks for the award! Your scary photos are brilliant... scary indeed... wouldn't want to meet any of them on a dark night!!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the blog award.

Lorraine said...

Yay!!!! Thanks, Bobs. My first award. WhoooHoooo!!!!!
I'm liking the pics, too. That one of Cameron is gorgeous.

anita said...

wonderful photos! and great to see friendships forming through HSMSHS!

As for the hats, i just seem to be lucky with them...i can wear any shape, any colour and they always seem to go well. I do have a little head (in size!), so maybe that helps! I have a whole selection of winter and summer hats :)

maz said...

Thanks Bobs! It's nice to feel appreciated! xxx

Jenn said...

Fantastic shots! I really like the SPS! What a handsome young man.

Cheyne said...

GREAT catchup!! I love the glossy!!

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh! I do hope you are much improved now. Sickness is just awful, and you can't believe it each time your stomach gripes. I lay as still as possible in the hope that it will pass . . . of course it rarely does.

Shot of Cameron is amazing and the lighting is perfect.

Good set of catch ups. I particulary like the cats broken ear and glossy with the refelction.

So glad you got the tag :-) And how wonderful Anita saw it . . . must be such a good feeling to have brought together so many people in such an unselfish way :-) If that makes sense, if not I think you'll get it anyway :-)

Right, up the wooden hill . . . Bye for now . . . Sue :-)