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Sunday, 16 November 2008


When we went to see the Wickerman burning last month, there were numerous other activities for kids to take part in. From creepy story-telling around a fire in the iron age roundhouse, to seeing what life was like in a Roman encampment ..... and Poi!

Poi is the art of fireball spinning. There was a Poi workshop and the kids loved it! Obviously, they weren't using real fireballs though!

Beginners use sock-type things, made from a non-stretchy fabric, with weighted balls down at the 'toe' end. Then, you just spin them! There are loads of moves to learn and the kids spent the best part of an hour there.

So, for my SOS today, here's Kali in mid-spin!

I'm cooking (don't fall down with shock - although I hate cooking, I have to do it occasionally!) a beef stew for supper tonight. Tim is away taking some of his students on a field trip today and won't be home till after 7.00pm tonight. It's freezing cold and I know he'll be hungry, so I'm doing tatties, cabbage and also making dumplings too! It's his favourite - and one of mine too! I'm cooking the beef on the hob at a very low temperature and the aroma is just wonderful, even though I say it myself. By the time he gets home, it will be as tender, as tender can be!

I wonder who will be voted out of Strictly tonight. By rights, it should be John Sergeant. I think he's lovely and it great entertainment, but there really are much more committed and talented celebs and it's a bit of a shame if one of those gets voted off instead.

Oh, and did you see Cherie's legs last night? Wow, wow and thrice I say, wow! She's in incredible shape ..... not only for HER age, but for any age!



Cheyne said...

Great SOS!!

Aubrey Harns said...

Cool shot! Love all the different textures.

Shannon said...

That looks like so much fun! I want to go!

Chris T said...

Great shot & love your SPS

Sue Nicholson said...

What a great workshop . . . never heard of Poi . . . no wonder the children loved it :-)

Great shot too. Timeless black and white is fast becoming a favourite of mine.

LOL You cooking :-) We know it's usually Tim's speciality . . . bet it was nice for a change and he really appreciated the warming meal.

Strictly, Cherie . . . amazing . . . elegant, beautiful, and charasmatic woman . . . legs to kill for.

Not sure what's happening with John. They obviously brought him in for the fun factor, bit of a clown role, and it has backfired on them! The dancer he is paired with is just stunning, she must have thought she'd be off the show by now.

So I am 50/50, it's an entertainment show, (not a life changing show such as Xfactor), and clearly the public think he is entertaining . . . and that's the basis of the show. On the otherhand, what the hell is going on? Here we go again championing the underdog and not applauding true talent.

Will he win? No, 'cos as soon as he is in the bottom two he'll be out!

Thankyou for your comment. I am much better now and I know you spoke from the heart when you mentioned memories to call on when feeling under par. Thanks Bobs. So very kind of you to share :-)

Look at the time! Slept so much over the past two days I am all out of sync. Just had tea and toast. Back to bed :-)