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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Saturday again

So that means it's SPS again! This time, HSMSHS is asking for a B&W shot and here is mine. Saffron, with her face painted.

It's absolutely freezing cold up here in NE Scotland today. Icy blasts of arctic winds bringing snow and more snow. I'll try to get some pics today and post them to let you see.

Roll on, spring!


I braved the elements and went out to the garden to take some shots. Didn't manage to stay outfor long and not because of the cold ...... it was because the camera battery died! It's on the charger now.

I took this one:

I also took some Ttv shots which will be on my Ttv Blog very soon!



Eleanor said...

Oh roll on indeed, it's bitter seaside here. The only good thing about winter is Christmas.
Fabulous b/w photo, stark contrasts give it an appropriately wild feel.

God's Rock Angel said...

It's cold but the sun is shining straight in our window now!

The radio keep telling us it's colder than Siberia today but I looked up the weather in Rochester, NY (where the company I work for is based - well their head office) and it was colder there than it is here.

SuzyB said...

Love the SPS Bobs and that forlorn tree looks ace.

Oh by the way, am going through the Argos catalogue looking for ideas for christmas presents and in here they have a wall mounted spice rack complete with 10 jars. Obviously not as big as mine but you mentioned Tim had been after one?
Suz x

Cheyne said...

Cute pic and brr on the cold!!

Chris T said...

Nice SPS Don't envy you the snow, hasn't been too bad here today but getting colder now that it's dark

Diana said...

Great SPS and love that snow - I have sunshine, no wind, no rain and all together a GREAT day!

Love from Di X

Sue Nicholson said...

Bah! Diana's comment is sickening!!! ;-)

Firstly the Spanish Spiral is superb. I have a fascination with spirals . . . dont ask me why . . . and I love spiral shells too. Nature is fascinating.

I remember you going to Barcelona . . . gosh time flies.

This SP is wonderful. I think the face paint actually looks more realistic in B&W, and that is a surprise. Love the nose . . . that paint was always the first to streak and smear on my kids ;-)

Spring . . . yes please . . . snow at best is pretty for photos! Brrrrr!

Take Care Bobs! Hoping to get back in to the swing of more frequent vivits this week. Am working on a plan and making a list :-)Now who does that sound like :-D

Enjoy your day . . . Sue