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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Scary photos continued ...

A few of you said in your comments yesterday that you'd like to see more photographs from Saturday night.

Don't say I don't give what I'm asked for! :)

Jodie, oozing black goo from her mouth (it was only water with black food colouring!) :

Gordon and Jodie:

My girls. I think they get their good looks from their dad. :)

Our friends, Fiona and Shanne:

Darren and FeeFee as Herman and Lily Munster!

Kerry wearing her wings, beside her friend Kim (Malificent)

Happy First Prizewinners!

Jodie, delighted with her trophy! :)

And that's your lot, folks!

Till next year!



God's Rock Angel said...

That first one is mad! Very gross but mad all the same!

Diana said...

Wow Bobs - these are very scary. I cannot believe the effort everyone went to!!!
Well done to all and great pics!

Sue Nicholson said...

Hiya Bobs here to catch up before I go off to Wales :-)

Jodie!!! OMG!!! Superb :-)And your girls . . . that burnt skin . . . far too realistic for me!! Some great photos here . . . Herman is just excellent . . . I loved that and The Adams Family, (not forgetting The Bev Hill B's originals too, of course).

Oh! Look at you!!! Oh Wow!! WoW!! And Kery's ears!!! Brilliant! I am liking Gordon . . . behind the mask he has a kind face :-)

Re Obama. I am with you. My kids wouldn't believe how very different life was here between black and white when I was there age. I never thought I'd see that happen in the US . . . EVER. What an amazing step forward :-)

Well, here's hoping you have a good weekend . . . shame I wont be here for SPS . . . phew ;-D

Bye for now . . . Sue . . . still singing to Queen and a)wondering where the guys get their energy from to perform like that as I could do with some of it and b)and thinking that Paul Rodgers is STILL very attractive and moves pretty well too ;-D

Lorraine said...

Fantastic, Bobs. Soooooooooo funny, you all look terrific. Looks like a good night was had by all, hun.

Kerry said...

Eeewwww looks like great fun though.

Chris T said...

They all look amazing - well practised special effect make-up artists obviously. Looks like a great party!!