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Sunday, 2 November 2008

SOS - with a twist!

With Suzy in charge this weekend, we just knew there would be something different on HSMSHS!

So today's SOS (Show-off Sunday) had to have set or collection. I don't really have any sets or collections apart from, once again, my Little Apple Dolls.

So, here they are again! They'll be getting famous at this rate. Lol

We had a fab time at the Hallowe'en party in the pub last night! I'll be posting some scary pics of very scary people later on!



Sue Nicholson said...

I did a search on these when you posted the first photo :-) Love the net veil . . . now I could do with that becoming fashionable!!!

Look forward to your scary photos . . . Sue

Diana said...

i AM LIKING THESE DOLLS MORE AND MORE - GREAT COLLECTION! oops was in caps lock hee hee. Lekker Sunday! X

Cheyne said...

Those dolls are quite pretty in their own way.

Chris T said...

I do like these dolls - I checked out the web site too. Love your SPS - great story, grandchildren photos great too

voodoo vixen said...

OK - I think if you keep showing us pics of them, we could get used to them hanging around!! Why they bother me (only a wee bit) is weird cos I am the one with African masks all over her lounge walls - and they spook people out!!

Diana said...

Now listen here Bobs - you gotta find time to play with us!