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Monday, 1 December 2008


So, here we are, on the first day of December.

The day the advent calendars come out once again.

This is my photograph for Advent, which is the word tday over on HSMSHS.

I finished making this one (from oversized matchboxes) on Friday and have given it to Jodie as a gift. I made another style of matchbox advent calendar a couple of years ago for my grandchildren, so now it's Jodie's turn.

I had the dentist today. One of my second front teeth at the top left is fractured above the gum level and cannot be fixed, so it needs to come out. I can't be left with a gap there (yikes!) so my dentist is making a teeny tiny one-tooth denture and I was there for the second impression. I'm getting the offending tooth taken out and the denture put in on the same day - 19th December. Good timing - right before my Crimbo dinner! Grrrrr.

Oh, and to make matters worse, the porcelain veneer on my eye tooth at the top right split in half a few days ago!!! I took the bit that came off with me today and he has stuck it back on, but he says he doesn't expect it to stay there very long. I guess I'll need a new one. More money to shell out.

Well, my brother-in-law retired on Friday. Can hardly believe it. I've known and loved him like a real brother since I was 14 years old - and have worked with him for the past almost two years. We had a presentation for him and then he took us all out for a lovely bar lunch and a few drinkies! Yay for my BIL!!!


SuzyB said...

S'gorgeous Bobs, really gorgeous x

Chris T said...

You are clever - that Advent box looks beautiful

voodoo vixen said...

Oh BUM to the toothy probs!! :( I hate my teeth and would love to have a complete renewal all along the front... if they knocked me out and woke me when it was all over I wouldn't even mind paying the thousands of pounds they would want!!

Love you advent box... I have searched and searched and cannot find matchboxes here!! This will have to be one those things I do when I get home.

Don't get lost in the snow!! {hugs}

Sue Nicholson said...

Teeth, like everything else around here seem to be showing their age :-( And they cost soooo much money too, NHS pff . . . I don't think so!

Yep, your timing is impecable. Fingers crossed you don't find anything more than a sixpence in your pud :-)

Great Advent Calendar. This is made of little boxes arranged side by side and on top . . . correct? Love the rosy apples and cinnamon decoration.

I am off to buy a choccie one shortly for Joshua to give to his girlfriend, mmmmmm, shouldn't that be his job!! So hoping to have a go with yesterday's and today's prompts later tonight.

Are you feeling Christmassy yet . . . nope . . . me neither!

Bye for now . . . Sue :-)

Gez said...

Gorgeous shot.

WOW, that's so beautiful.

Diana said...

Great advent Bobs. Do not worry about the tooth coming out and the denture going in - it will be fine I promise - been there, done that and have the teeth!

Photographing Mom said...

What an adorable advent!!

Eleanor said...

Fabulous piece of work as ever. Large ones? Wow, what treasures those drawers will hold.
Dental work is a frightful expense. I want all mine out, but my dentist tries to preserve them (of course). Tut.

Igotmebabe said...

Absolutely love your advent box, how clever you are :)