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Monday, 15 December 2008

LOOK .....

.....what arrived this morning!!

From the wonderfully brilliant Eleanor. One of her to-die-for handmade shopping bags - and the hat!


I mentioned here a wee while ago that I couldn't get one ...... so she sent me one and I LOVE it!! It's all padded and cosy and it's hardly been off since it arrived! I've been in to town a couple of times, so the bag has been used already!

Here I am, ready to go out ...

Yes, I know it's cold enough for the hat - and yes, I know I'm wearing cut-offs at the same time, but I don't suffer from cold legs or feet, so I wear my cut-offs and Crocs nearly all year round!

I've just noticed in the photo that I haven't changed the Christmas countdown teddy today yet. It's all the excitement of getting perfect gifts!

Thank you, Ellie. From the bottom of my heart. xxxxxx



voodoo vixen said...

How cute is you in that hat!! Love the bag too... but the hat... the hat is so you!! LOL

God's Rock Angel said...

That bag is awesome! I love it!

Eleanor said...

Aww, don't you look the biz. Glad it's the ticket for you so far up north.
much love

Sue Nicholson said...

What great timing :-) And a great way to start a holiday :-)

How thoughtful of Eleanor :-) You look great Bob's . . . love the cut offs and crocs . . . not for me, I have the coldest feet ever!!!

Hope you have a great day ;-)

Lorraine said...

How did I miss this? That's a fantastic pic, bobs. You look brilliant, hun, lol.