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Sunday, 7 December 2008


I've finally managed to get all caught up with the prompts this week on HSMSHS.
Not sure if I'll manage to keep up through the festive season though.

Keeping one eye - and one camera lens - on the world, here is my SPS:

Wrinkles, bitten nails, no make-up and all, but hey - I'm not proud! :)

I'm still loving taking Ttv photographs and this is one that I particularly like, for no real reason.

I just like it!

So yesterday it was my birthday. I have decided that, from now on, I am never going to complain about geting old, ever again. I am so very fortunate to have reached this age, when so many other people never had the chance to attain adulthood at all.

I'm 52 and proud.



voodoo vixen said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday! I'm just getting used to being 52 and now I am coming up to 53!! Bum...

SuzyB said...

Happy Brithday Bobs!!

Btw, Netto are doing those spice racks again, are you sure there isnt one near you for Tim!

Photographing Mom said...

Both are beautiful pics, Bobs!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Bobs!!!
Great SPS and SOS!

PS Age is just a number LOL
Love from Di X

Rach said...

I love the plantpot photo too. I hope you had a brilliant day on Saturday. x

Chris T said...

Hope you had a good birthday - nice shots - I can't see any wrinkles

God's Rock Angel said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

God's Rock Angel said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!