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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Feeling so ridiculous!

Why? Because I tripped over yesterday and have really hurt my toe again. I fell in our garage after my foot got snagged in a plastic bag lying there. I went down heavily, stubbing the broken toe. Tim took me in to hospital again and now, there is even more strapping on it!

So, my poorly digit is my subject for today's SPS over on HSMSHS.

Yesterday's word was Easter ......

Finally, MossWatch, Day 7. Still not much change, so I thought I'd go for an exteme close-up this time!

Tim and I are hosting the Easter Egg Hunt for the kids again this year. We've invited Jodie and Grahame over as well and we're laying on a buffet lunch for everyone.




Rach said...

Have fun this weekend with your funky purple footwear!! Hope it starts to improve really soon it's a shame you can't get the equivalent of a dog/cat lampshade for round your foot to protect it!! xx

Chris T said...

Can you wear flip flops or do you have to go barefoot? Love the Easter photos. Hope you have a lovely time over Easter - egg hunt sounds fun!

Sharon said...

Ouch Brenda
Hope it heals quickly. Love the funky bandage!!

Have fun at the egg hunt - mind the toe!!!

Aubrey Harns said...

Ohhh, sorry Bobs. What a bummer! At least they were kind enough to give you Easter colored wrap! :) Love your Easter pictures and the moss watch too.

Photographing Mom said...

Ouch, again!!

Have fun with the Easter egg hunt!