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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Fun is a Serious Business

My thanks to Ellie for identifying yesterday's mystery birdie! She told me it was a turnstone and indeed it is. A member of the sandpiper family and of course, now that I know, I can definitely see the resemblance!

I also had a picture of a mossy hummock yesterday and I am so enamoured of it and it's little sprouty bits, I decided to take a photo each day - or as often as I can - to see what happens to them. As I processed today's effort (which was taken with my Macro lens, as opposed to yesterday's kit lens), I noticed an unexpected visitor!

Tim and I had our four grandchildren for a few hours today. We let them play Guitar Hero on the Wii. As you can see by this shot of them, having fun is a serious business!

It's Someone's Portrait Saturday (in B&W) over on HSMSHS, but I'm afraid I couldn't decide who to use, so I've used them all!


Andrew said...

Hi Bobs!

Some great efforts in B&W there - well worth the effort and the right decision to share them all!


Chris T said...

Lovely shots & welcome back to blog land :-)