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Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Tim's off to tutor a class at Uni today, so seeing as I can't drive, I'm stuck in and around the house. Hence all the shots for today have been taken in my garden.
I'm not complaining too much - the weather is glorious today. Bright sunshine and a warm gentle breeze.

So anyway, the word today over on HSMSHS is 'Container'. This is one of the little pots that I have on the patio.

I love the miniature world of alpines and someday, I will have an alpine bed in my garden so I can grow many different varieties.

Tum-te-tum-te-tum .....



I found this dandelion clock that isn't quite fully open.

Can you see me in Merry's eye?

You can click on the last two shots to get a better view.

I'm off to bloghop now. Not literally, I might add! Lol



Igotmebabe said...

A lovely set of shots Bob, particularly your container. The horses in my shot are not mine, but I do go to visit :) Not well enough to have any of my own,or I would :)

CHEERpy TALK said...

Those pics r well taken...n nice to know u work in oil company....cos i too work in the same sector.

Photographing Mom said...

I'd love to have an alpine garden, too!!! Beautiful shots!!

Coffeedoff said...

Beautiful photos

Rach said...

Great shots all of them. I am very jealous of your sunshine - I have been stuck in work all afternoon. :O(

Gez said...

Gorgeous, cheerful shots so glad I stopped by. Hope you enjoyed the sunshine will do your toe good. Incredible shot of Merry. Gez. x

Ellepiggo by Vanessa said...

Fabulous shots, lovely colourful and bright. :)


Liz said...

cracking photos today. brilliant that you can see yourself in Merry's eye :)