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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Paint and Hide

The word today over on HSMSHS is 'Paint'. Here are my Adirondak Acrylic Paint Dabbers. No, the photograph isn't upside down ..... that's the way they're slotted into the storage tray thingie!

Yesterday's word was 'Hide' and I happened to catch little Star, hiding away from the other two cats, sound asleep in Alfie's old stable. Star is getting very old now and she is almost totally deaf and blind. But, she is still happy and purrs away like a good 'un when she gets petted! She also still grooms Merry as though she was her mother. So sweet.

The weather has been very fickle here today. Cold early in the morning, then it got really nice and sunny and warm, only for the temperature to fall again in the afternoon. It rained a bit too. Not enough for my liking though. It would have helped the tatties to settle in if there had been just another half hour of heavy rain. Ah well.

I'm getting so frustrated with this toe! I can't do anything I want to. I want to clear away all the old tubs and debris from the patio, so I can get the slabs all power hosed, then get some new tubs all potted up etc etc. Hopefully, by this time next week it'll be much better.

So long as I don't bash it again.



jo said...

Only have one Dabber - and I can't get on with it.

It was wet here this morning - then had a lovely afternoon - but its raining again now.

Liz said...

I haven't got a clue about paint dabbers.
Star look cosy in the sun bless her.

Fiona McCrae said...

your paint dabbers look fab too, nifty idea to have em upsidedown.

Star does look cozy in the stable, our caiaphas likes to sleep on the dirt!

Yep it is addictive!!

Rach said...

They look like good paints. I hope your toe improves too. x

Gez said...

Love your paint shot. I nearly showed mine but as I've only got 2! I borrowed my toddlers paints!
I bet Star was lovely & warm on the straw in the sunshine. Bless.
Good Luck with your toe. Gez. xx