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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Spring .....

..... has finally arrived in my garden.

Even the weeds on the patio are flowering ...

My companion as I clicked. Love the dewdrops on the grass ...

Tim and I hosted our annual Dracula Party a couple of weeks ago. We had some very strange guests, some of whom were turned into vampires later .....

I had a slight mishap during the fun and games. Here I am, flanked by the two guests (Kerry and Simon), who took me to hospital ..... yes, dressed like this!

My injured foot, with the broken middle toe. I'm still off work, two weeks later. Have to have another x-ray tomorrow (3rd April).


I honestly can't believe how painful a broken toe can be.


Eleanor said...

Ok now three lumps in my throat, is it my age?
1. That the first pic should be exactly what I am drawing now, I mean right now, for my April minibook, just adding a touch of colour (getting hooked on the watercolour pencils).
2. Old Elvis, lord love his little self, he just speaks to me somehow.
3. Your poor poor foot. Mwah to it. I broke one once, dropped a catering tin of peas on it, but you haven't said how you did yours.

Photographing Mom said...

Just wanted to say those are GORGEOUS spring pics!!!