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Saturday, 18 April 2009

SPS and a Catch-Up

Just a quickie from me today because my connection is so slow (Tim is downloading patches for a game and it's taking far too long!)

It's Someone's Portait Saturday on HSMSHS, so here is a doctored one of Merry. The reason it's doctored? She wouldn't stay still and every shot is blurred!

Here are my catch-ups for Boots and Junction:

The car did have a driver, but I've cloned them out! This is the junction at the end of our drive, where it meets the main road.

So on to MossWatch - Day 15. Still not much difference, if any. I don't know about you readers, but I'm getting a bit bored of it now!

Finally - the infamous toe. I was at the hospital for a review yesterday and I have been signed off work for another two weeks. The strapping has been removed and it's back to being very painful again. Can't bend it at all and it has totally changed shape compared to what it used to be like, pre-break.

I'm back to relying heavily on the crutch and of course, driving is out of the question.

It's soooo frustrating because I want to get my spuds planted, along with some other veggies. Tim, bless his heart, is not keen on gardening, but will have to do it for me until I'm able to carry on myself!



jo said...

The driverless car looks a bit spooky!! And hope the toe gets better soon.

Photographing Mom said...

Nice catch-up!!!

Hugs about that toe.

Liz said...

Great pictures. Hope your toe is back to normal soon.

canadacole said...

Great photos! I've been doing a branch watch myself, looking for it to bud and leaf, so I hear you on it becoming a bit boring after a bit. I have hope that we'll both see results soon though.

Good luck with the toe! Ouch!

SuzyB said...

Looky at you doing all the HSMSHSHSHMSHSHSH words! Poor toe, nice nail varnish though :o)

Where is the moss? Is it in your garden? Ok so not much is happening to it at the moment but you never know, a cow might stumble across it and try to eat it. That'd be a good shot. Or something.