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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Twilight & Path

I didn't get the chance to come on yesterday, so here's my catch-up.

The word yesterday was 'Path'. This is our drive, with Elvis and Merry having a stroll behind me. There's a fair bit of foreshortening here because the drive is much longer than it looks in this shot.

Today, the word is 'Twilight'. I think I'm using a wee bit of artistic licence because this is more light moonlight than twilight, but hey-ho! I took this one yesterday evening and I'm quite proud of it!

My lovely Merry - always alert, always vigilant, always completely lovable!

I used to keep horses, but since our darling Alfie went to that great stable in the sky three years ago, our fields have lain empty. Tim and I have had an idea to turn the back paddock into a garden. I'm not exactly sure how big it is, but it's roughly an acre. It may not ever happen, but if we take it slowly, we may get there. This is the paddock as it looked yesterday. Tim walked right down to the far end - can you spot him?

The bit of post and rail fence will be coming out very soon, the rest having been removed recently.

I spotted this pretty little trio of mushrooms in my garden yesterday and couldn't resist taking a photograph of them. I love photographing the mushrooms that appear in my grass!

Finally for today, MossWatch - Day 5! This was taken yesterday, with the Macro. Still not doing much.

It's unlikely I'll have a shot for Day 6. It's tipping it down at the moment and looks like it might be doing it for the duration.




Sarah said...

great shots :) :)
Love your twilight/moon shot!!!

Shannon said...

love the cats on your path!
Your twilight shot is unbelievable!!

Aubrey Harns said...

Love your moon photo Bobs. You should be proud of it, it's fantastic.

Igotmebabe said...

I agree with Aubrey you should be very proud of the moon shot. Great shots of the cats on the path and also love the mushrooms but I was sad to see the empty paddock :(
Well done on climbing the Scott Monument, I got dizzy just looking :)

canadacole said...

They're all great shots! I'm fascinated by the moon but have yet to get a good shot. Your's is so clear! You should be very proud of it!

Gez said... your moon shot I feel like howling! Awe your shrooms are so cute...Good luck with moss watch. Lovely to see your cats. Can't wait to see what you do with the paddock.

Alicia said...

Great shots! I love the moon and mushroom shots!