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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Varifocal Woes

Does anyone else wear Varifocal spectacles? I tried them a couple of years ago and just couldn't get on with them at all. But now, my need for two separate pairs of specs is just too awkward and I decided to give the Varifocals another go. I know it takes a fair old while to get used to them and I only got mine yesterday, but it seems that, when I'm looking at the computer screen and keyboard, there is only a teeny tiny place that I can look through at a time to enable me to see. When I look at my desktop icons for example, if I get one clear, the other ones - even those right next to it - are all out of focus. And if I have to look down at the keyboard, it takes me ages to find the right place to look through again when I look back up at the screen.
All this seems to be very long-winded and I apologise for that, but I really want to know if this is normal and if so, how long will it take to get used to it?

Purple is the word today on HSMSHS. The colour of Cadbury's!

For the past 12 months, I've been taking part in a Circle Journal. Mine came home to me this morning! My theme was 'A Tour Round my Home Town' and it has ended up MASSIVELY thick, with loads of things to look at and to read. I'm thrilled with it!

Does this give you an idea of how thick it is?

When I posted it on for this first time last year, it was held together with the largest size of bookrings I could find, but even they weren't able to cope, so for now, it is bound with cord. I'm not sure how I'll eventually do it, so the cord will have to stay for the time being!



Igotmebabe said...

Love the purple shot, no chocolate eggs left in this house :)
I cannot use varifocals, tried and it was a nightmare. I have balance problems which didn't help.

mil lunares said...

yeah...I remember Cadbury´s from my various visits to Sheffield, when I was a Teenager.. great shot!

Just_Fee said...

Ooooh I like the circle journal, looks exciting!

jo said...

Great take on the prompt.

What a fab CJ - I have 3 on the go at the moment!!

Coffeedoff said...

Love the Egg!

Great CJ too.

Photographing Mom said...

YUM!! Cadbury's!!!

Liz said...

I love Cadbury's. My fave. CJ is brilliant. I've stopped doing them as I have nowhere to keep them once they come home!!

Gez said...

Ooh lovely purple shot.

Your CJ looks fab. I've never seen one that thick....enjoy.x

Good Luck with the glasses. They are a pain I know. My mum struggled with hers before she past away - sorry I can't help.x

Louise said...

mmmmmm chocolate.