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Friday, 3 April 2009

Who'd have thought?

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that playing this game, would lead to me having to take at least 4 weeks off work!

Eleanor has asked how I broke my toe, so here is the answer. Tim and I host our Dracula Party each year, using the game in the box shown above. It's really like hide and seek for adults.
For adults, because it's scary!
Fun, but scary!

We use as much of the house as we can, clear out everything from the wardrobes etc, then decorate the whole house with as many scary, creepy things as we can find. We booby-trap hiding places with motion, or sound, activated spooky things etc etc. The house is very, very dimly lit and the object of the game is to avoid being bitten by Dracula or one of his vampires! An audio tape is provided with the game which is full of tolling bells, creaking doors, screams and caterwauls and creepy music! It's played at a really loud volume (good thing we don't have neighbours!)and it's all just great fun! Everyone has to come in dark-coloured fancy dress, we provide plenty food and drinkies and a splendid time is guaranteed for all (to quote The Beatles).

So, I was running barefoot through the house, trying to avoid the vampires, when I ran straight into the leg of my own coffee table! I reached down in the darkness and knew right away that the toe wasn't in the right place! Yowwwweeeeeee!

Anyway, I had the hospital again this morning and I'm off work for yet another 2 weeks. The doctor said it was a nasty little fracture and will take quite a long time to heal properly. If I worked here in town I'd probably be fine, but because I have to drive over 40 miles to Aberdeen each day, then back again at night, he says there's no way. I know I can't because just driving the 2 miles to the hospital today was pretty horrible!

Just to prove that my girls are really normal (after the pics of them in fancy dress from yesterday's blog), here's them a couple of weeks before the party, in Jodie's house ...

Moving on ......

I took this shot of a wee hummock of moss this morning:

Love those sprouting bits!

A few weeks ago, I went to the harbour in town and by chance, one basin was full of hungry seals, eagerly awaiting some fish that a kindly gent was throwing to them!

Also saw this wee chap:

I have no idea what sort of bird he is. He was quite small and has totally the wrong beak to be a gull, although his colouring is very similar to a juvenile gull.

Any idea, anyone?

1 comment:

Eleanor said...

Thanks for the explanation, sounds tremendous fun, never mind clear out the wardrobes, next time clear away the coffee tables!

I think your little chappie is a turnstone in his winter coat, on his way north to breed in the arctic.