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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Me and my Girl

In the end, Kerry never made it to Slains yesterday. Kali has developed a nasty blistery patch on one of her arms and had to go to the doctor. She was seen by two nurses and two doctors and they're not sure what it is. She's got antibiotic cream to put on, then if it's not better by Monday, she has to go back to get seen again. Poor Kali.

So, it was just Jodie and I.

The sun was shining and it looked glorious, but there was a really, really cold easterly wind blasting in off the sea and poor Jodie was freezing!

But her discomfort was worth it and I think I've managed to capture a few good shots of her. I'm using all of these for the SPS today! :-)
Please click for a bigger view.

I loved every minute of this and the only thing that would have made it better, would have been if my blimmin' foot was better. Walking is still a nightmare and hobbling around a castle using a crutch is a pain the neck (and toe!).



Friday, 29 May 2009

At Last .....

.... it's a gorgeous day, so Kerry, Jodie and I are heading to Slains for a photo session! Hope I manage to get some half-decent shots!

Later taters!


Thursday, 28 May 2009


'Tower' is the word today over on HSMSHS and I make no apologies for posting some of the same pics of Slains Castle that I posted last week! There are several towers in the castle, so it's perfect for today.

The last one shows the real colour of the stones. It's built from pink granite that was dug from a quarry a few miles to the north. Most of the old buildings in the fishing port of Peterhead are also built of pink granite, whereas the buildings in Fraserburgh (my home town) and Aberdeen are mostly of grey granite. Which, in my humble opinion, is much, much, nicer!

Yesterday was wet and windy and today is grey and dull. Not good weather for taking photos in the garden, so I picked a wee forget-me-not and photographed it in the kitchen instead!

Anyway, talking about Slains, it doesn't look like we're going to be able to get back there today because the weather is horrible again.




Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Winner Takes it all!

Hallowe'en, as some of the readers of this blog may know, is a big day in our family! We love it and we all dress up. Our local pub holds a party every year and we all put great thought and preparation into our costumes, with nothing (or very little) being bought pre-made.
Last Hallowe'en, Jodie was the 'Winner' (which happens to be the word for today over on HSMSHS)and her friend Kerry was the equal winner! Jodie was Medusa and her friend was Old Gregg, a character from the Mighty Boosh.
Jodie had black 'goo' oozing from her mouth earlier in the evening, which accounts for the black chin! Lol

My potatoes have finally decided to push up through the soil - hurrah!

As usual, he was beside me while I took photographs...

Some more of my shrubs and herbaceous plants are coming into flower now.

A shower of bluebells ...

Sadly, most of them look like this now. I wish they lasted all year!

Still grey and cold here, so no modelling today.

*Edited to say that the heavens have just opened and it's pouring down now!!


Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Well, I should have kept the photograph of Tim walking through the trees for today, because 'Woodland' is the word over on HSMSHS and that shot would have been perfect!

Instead, here's a close-up of one of those very trees. The tree is very old and the bark is tough, thick and gnarly - yet new life still sprouts out from within.

Lens flare through the leaves on this tree in my garden.

The rain never really let up yesterday and it's still falling today - how cheerful.
I can still see and hear our swallows though. The wet doesn't seem to bother them at all.

Hope it's brighter tomorrow. Kerry, Jodie and I want to go back to Slains for another photo session. I want to use Jodie as a model this time though. She used to be a professional model a few years ago and has even done catwalk in London.
I don't for one minute think that any photo I take of her would do her justice, but I'm hoping that at least a couple will be passable!


Monday, 25 May 2009

It's Raining, it's Pouring ....

Up here in Scotland, we don't get this May Bank Holiday, but even if we did, it would be a washout because it's been raining almost all morning.

The patio, taken though the window (well, I didn't want to get wet, did I? lol)...

The word today over on HSMSHS is 'Liquid' and this is my favourite kind ...

Getting back to the Bank Holiday, I got my very first Graze Box today! It really shouldn't have arrived till tomorrow because there are no postal deliveries on a Bank Holiday. But, with Scotland not getting the holiday, this little beauty arrived about an hour ago!

It looks lovely - and the box is just crying out to be altered too! Woot!

Finally today, another few shots that I took on our trip to Slains Castle last week, just because I like them!

Hope the weather is being kinder to you, wherever you are!


Sunday, 24 May 2009

Mr Blackie

It's SOS (Show off Sunday) over on HSMSHS today. So here's my show-off photo (once again, please click for a better view)...

Mr Blackbird in my garden, taken one day last week. I used my telephoto lens in an effort not to scare him, but he still spied me and flew off a nanoscond after I took this one. I think he and his his missus are nesting in one of my trees, because they are always on this part of the grass.

So yesterday was the school's annual coffee morning. I took my little Kodak with me, instead of the Canon, and just snapped away!

Jodie, Tim and Kali:

Simon, with Cameron (in the baseball cap) in the background:

My beautiful girls, Jodie and Kerry:

Saffron, in a pensive mood:

Aaliyah, smiling as always:

We didn't win much on the stalls - even though we spent a fortune, but we all had a good time anyway!

Monaco Grand Prix this afternoon - woohoo!!


Saturday, 23 May 2009

SPS, Flowers and Swallows

This shot of Merry is my SPS (Someone's Portrait Saturday) for today. Those little out-of-focus flowers in front of her are forget-me-nots. A couple of years before she died, my darling mum threw a handful of forget-me-not seeds around my garden and every year since then, they seed themselves and I get a lovely display. They have spread too and are everywhere! But they remind me of mum and I love them.

Also in my garden, my favourite place to photograph insects - the cornflowers and Solomon's Seal.

One of our swallows. They fly so quickly, it's impossible for me to get a sharp shot!

Nore sure what I'll be doing today. Tim usually watches Saturday Kitchen in the morning, then I think it's the qualifying for tomorrow's Monaco Grand Prix in the afternoon, so he'll be glued to the box for that too!

Actually, scratch that. I forgot that today, it's the Coffee Morning at the school my grandchildren go to, so we're going to that very shortly! Yay!


Friday, 22 May 2009

Foot and Slains Castle

That's the word today over on HSMSHS. My shot is a very tenuous interpretation of the word, but it's my blog, so I can please myself! :-)

Yesterday, I did manage to persuade Tim to take me to Slains Castle (more of which later) and on the way, we stopped at the Bullers of Buchan. The Bullers are a set of the most gorgeous sea cliffs, gullies and collpased sea caves. They reach dizzying heights and it's definitely not a good idea to get too close to any of the edges. Many people over the years have fallen to their deaths here.

I put on my long lens and managed to capture this cormorant, sitting at the FOOT of one of the cliffs. It's not a great shot - the lens is very heavy and I don't have a tripod yet - so there's always a degree of shake, no matter how careful I try to be.

I also managed to take this shot of Tim. He hates it of course, but I'm really rather pleased with it!

So on to Slains Castle itself! It's not really a long walk from the little car park to the ruins, but when you're walking with difficulty using a crutch anyway, it makes it a bit of an adventure! Took me about half an hour to walk approximately 300metres!

Oh, but it was SO worth it to capture these images (please click for a bigger view)......

I think that better be enough for now! It must have been a huge place. There are so many corridors and rooms to explore.

I think I'm going back next week with Kerry!


Thursday, 21 May 2009

Learning Curve

Finding my way round my camera is definitely a learning curve - and I still haven't succeeded yet, but hopefully I'm getting there!

Curve is the word today over on HSMSHS today. Nature doesn't really 'do' straight lines, so finding curves in my garden is relatively easy. Here are the opening leaves and buds on one of the Silver Birches, taken a few weeks ago.

I took this shot late last night and although it's been photoshopped to pick out the details a bit, the colours are true. However, I had to crank up the ISO, so it's also a bit noisy.

I'm hoping to persuade Tim to drive me to Slain's Castle today, for a bit of a photo session. For those who don't know, Slain's Castle is just south of Peterhead on the NE coast of Scotland and it was said to have given Bram Stoker the inspiration to write 'Dracula'.

Hopefully, photos later!


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tall Tales

The word today over on HSMSHS, is 'Tall'.

I am tall, but I'm not taking a shot of myself today!

My younger daughter is tall. 6ft 2ins in her bare feet. Unfortunately, she isn't here to photograph.

So, it's back to my trusty garden again - and some tall trees and a chimney stack!

On my wander round the garden I saw this opening daisy. I love the vibrant pink on the petals.

I also spotted this. It's not a dandelion - it's much smaller - but I do love the amazing symmetry and beauty of these weed clocks.

Tim is away playing golf in Insch today. It's some sort of University team thing. Hope the rain stays off for them!