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Friday, 22 May 2009

Foot and Slains Castle

That's the word today over on HSMSHS. My shot is a very tenuous interpretation of the word, but it's my blog, so I can please myself! :-)

Yesterday, I did manage to persuade Tim to take me to Slains Castle (more of which later) and on the way, we stopped at the Bullers of Buchan. The Bullers are a set of the most gorgeous sea cliffs, gullies and collpased sea caves. They reach dizzying heights and it's definitely not a good idea to get too close to any of the edges. Many people over the years have fallen to their deaths here.

I put on my long lens and managed to capture this cormorant, sitting at the FOOT of one of the cliffs. It's not a great shot - the lens is very heavy and I don't have a tripod yet - so there's always a degree of shake, no matter how careful I try to be.

I also managed to take this shot of Tim. He hates it of course, but I'm really rather pleased with it!

So on to Slains Castle itself! It's not really a long walk from the little car park to the ruins, but when you're walking with difficulty using a crutch anyway, it makes it a bit of an adventure! Took me about half an hour to walk approximately 300metres!

Oh, but it was SO worth it to capture these images (please click for a bigger view)......

I think that better be enough for now! It must have been a huge place. There are so many corridors and rooms to explore.

I think I'm going back next week with Kerry!



jo said...

Great set of photos - like the one of your husband. I will have to persuade my lot to go there one day.

Igotmebabe said...

Love your foot shot :) and all the Slaines Castle ones, especially the sepia shots.

Photographing Mom said...

GREAT photos!!!

Love the foot! :)

Liz said...

That bird was at the foot of a cliff? It counts in my book :)

Brilliant shots of the castle. Some of them have an eerie feel to them. love it.

Chris T said...

Beautiful shots, looks a fascinating place. Love your tenuous link too :-D

Coffeedoff said...

Great set of photos, interesting place!

voodoo vixen said...

Oh I just love Slain's Castle, and you have got some wonderful photos of it. I have to admit I prefer visiting now that DS is grown up... when he was 5 I was a wreck in case he went over the cliffs!!

Sharon said...

LOVE the photos of Slains Castle!
Did you just change them to Sepia or do anything else to them to get the eerie feel?