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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Me and my Girl

In the end, Kerry never made it to Slains yesterday. Kali has developed a nasty blistery patch on one of her arms and had to go to the doctor. She was seen by two nurses and two doctors and they're not sure what it is. She's got antibiotic cream to put on, then if it's not better by Monday, she has to go back to get seen again. Poor Kali.

So, it was just Jodie and I.

The sun was shining and it looked glorious, but there was a really, really cold easterly wind blasting in off the sea and poor Jodie was freezing!

But her discomfort was worth it and I think I've managed to capture a few good shots of her. I'm using all of these for the SPS today! :-)
Please click for a bigger view.

I loved every minute of this and the only thing that would have made it better, would have been if my blimmin' foot was better. Walking is still a nightmare and hobbling around a castle using a crutch is a pain the neck (and toe!).




WeirdCat said...

God that girl has legs to die for!!

Eleanor said...

OH OH OH what a terrific set of photos. I'm not sure who I admire more, Jodie, for reason already stated by Ruth, and the rest of her too, lol, or the photographer ;). Simply marvellous.
E (of the very short waist and chunky thighs)

Photographing Mom said...

And they are all gorgeous!!!

Louise said...

wow, she's brave!! Great set of shots. I'd love to know if there were many people around? and how you felt doing the photo shoot?

Chris T said...

Great shots - she didn't need to go to a pro really did she!! LOL

Liz said...

Brilliant photos. very professional. But my word that girl has legs that go all the way to the top!! :)

voodoo vixen said...

Fab photos but friggin heck, I know what that cold wind is like up there at Slains Castle and odie deserves a prize and big mug of hot chocolate for her modelling!!

Have to agree... those legs sure do go a loooooong way up!! ;)