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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Me and my Shadow

No matter the time, no matter the weather .... whenever I go out to the garden to take photographs, he appears. He stays close by, talking to me the whole time, but very seldom does he let me stroke him. He is a very peculiar cat, my Elvis.
He is loving and affectionate and would never in a million years scratch or bite anyone. But he just doesn't really like physical contact. There have been odd occasions when he tolerates it, but these are very rare!

But I adore him all the same.

This hairy little thing was busy on my cornflowers this morning:

Looks like this one has a tonsure!
You can click on the bees to get a better view if you like.

This is one part of my garden. If you click you can see it larger.
The clump of blue flowers in the foreground, is where I take most of my insect shots, including the bee ones today. They love those flowers!
See the Monkey Puzzle tree at the far end? That is planted in almost the exact spot where Tim and I got married on in 2000!
Happy, happy day!

I have, for the first time in ages, updated my other two blogs (links to the right), by putting some more photographs on them at last! :-)

Finally for today, the word is 'Juice'.

I normally have vodka in mine, but it's a bit too early in the day for that! :-)



Igotmebabe said...

Love the juice shot and a wonderful set of shots from your garden :)

dottydotty said...

great shot really crisp and juicy!!!

Coffeedoff said...

Great juice shot, Lovely garden

Photographing Mom said...

Love the juice picture. It's so sunny looking!!

Just_Fee said...

Lovely Bee shots!
Elvis is kinda cute, in a rugged handsome way, hehe.
I found the photos of the Cullykhan if you wanna look. Our wee Aggie is just back from the vets and still spaced out.