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Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I must have been evil in a past life and am being made to suffer in this one. I've been getting migraines since I was 11 years old and although cheese is a major trigger (I haven't eaten it deliberately for over 40 years), I just seem to get them in clusters, randomly, with no obvious trigger whatsoever. I'm in the middle of one of these clusters at the moment, having had three migraines over the past few days. It's a good thing I'm off work anyway, because I'd be useless in the office. Hope this cluster is over and done with by the time I go back.

On to today's - and yesterday's - word. Today, the word is 'Point', so here are the points of some of my grandchildren's colouring pencils. I couldn't find a sharpener, so they aren't really very pointed!

Yesterday's word was 'Wire'. These are some cheapo wire edging thingies that I'm going to put around the veggie plot.


Well, all of the six sock monsters that I made last week have all been claimed by various family members and have all gone. I managed to get more stuffing yesterday (before the dreaded migraine attack) and made these three newbies.

They don't have names yet, but I'm working on it!



Rach said...

Hope your feeling better real soon. I used to get them real bad before I had kids now like you they come randomly. I have the start of one at the moment just taken the tabs and hoping that they kick in and stop it before it takes hold. I can't afford to spend the rest of today in bed far too much to do. xxx

Just_Fee said...

fab point shot!
the sock monster in the middle looks like a bubua or bauta cuz of those eyes, hehe

Mandy said...

Really feel for you hun, I used to suffer too but touch wood I haven't in a few years now. {hugs}

Great shots, particularly love the pencils. I'm loving neat and tidy shots at the moment and that seems to hit the spot. xox

Igotmebabe said...

Hope you feel better soon :(
Love the point shot

Gez said...

Clever idea love your points. :-)

Take care hun. Hope your head feels better soon. They are hell I know.xx

Photographing Mom said...

Feel better!

Love the colourful points!!

Coffeedoff said...

great points shot! Love the middle sock monster.

Hope you feel better soon.

jo said...

Love the pencils shot - and I seem to have started something with the sock monsters - they're brilliant.
Hope you feel better soon - I get them too - but only occassionally

Gwyneth said...

Great shot of the color pencils!

As always I love the sock monsters, the middle one is my fav of this batch :)

Liz said...

Hope you feel better soon. I seem to have out grown migraines thankfully but cheese is waht triggered mine when I was a teenager.
Love you pencils shot. They don't have to be sharp we know they're well used :)

dottydotty said...

fab shots I so love your sock monsters can't believe how quick you make them

Chris T said...

Hope the migraine is retreating now! Love the point shots & your sock monsters are great fun. Love the garden shots too- trying to catchup on the last couple of weeks.
I've just had to go over to varifocals too!! They're mainly for TV,computer & reading. I tried them out a bit on holiday & they seemed OK but I didn't wear them much. Since being home I've tried & have been getting frustrated with the same thing as you. I think my problem is they are a bit loose & slip too far down my nose. I'm used to just wearing reading glasses & peering over the top so I think that's my stumblng block.