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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Mr Blackie

It's SOS (Show off Sunday) over on HSMSHS today. So here's my show-off photo (once again, please click for a better view)...

Mr Blackbird in my garden, taken one day last week. I used my telephoto lens in an effort not to scare him, but he still spied me and flew off a nanoscond after I took this one. I think he and his his missus are nesting in one of my trees, because they are always on this part of the grass.

So yesterday was the school's annual coffee morning. I took my little Kodak with me, instead of the Canon, and just snapped away!

Jodie, Tim and Kali:

Simon, with Cameron (in the baseball cap) in the background:

My beautiful girls, Jodie and Kerry:

Saffron, in a pensive mood:

Aaliyah, smiling as always:

We didn't win much on the stalls - even though we spent a fortune, but we all had a good time anyway!

Monaco Grand Prix this afternoon - woohoo!!



Liz said...

Great pictures from yesterday.

I always seem to miss the birds in the garden. By the time I get the camera out they've scarpered!!!

Photographing Mom said...

Great capture of Mr. Blackbird!!!

WeirdCat said...

The girls looks so much like you Bobs