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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Saturday is

the day for a Someone's Portrait Saturday (SPS) photograph over on HSMSHS.
This is the newest addition to the sock monster family. Dinah - because she looks dopey.
Billy left home yesterday to go to live with Jodie, so I had to make another monster to replace him, didn't I?

I also made Angelina. Well, with that pout, she couldn't be called anything else! Lol

Once again, I'm house-and-garden-bound. Tim is away to Portsoy today and again tomorrow, taking some geology students on a field trip. So, that means more photographs from my garden.

Lens flare through the leaves

It may be a weed, but dandelions have their own beauty

A border of bluebells

Cornflower bud

The waxy flowers of a Solomon's Seal

I'm feeling a big groggy today because I took a migraine yesterday evening and it's not totally gone yet. Grrrrrr



Gez said...

Awe hope you head clears soon.x

Love your new additions!

Your flowers look gorgeous & so uplifting. Gez.x

Liz said...

Your sock monsters are growing fast. love your garden. Wish I had one bigger than a postage stamp. How's your head? Is HSMSHS up for today as I can't find it if it is!!!

Eleanor said...

Haha, Angelina is full of character.
Cornflower bud is amazing.
Funny you should put up wild flowers today, I've been drawing some - going up tomorrow.
Bu**er those old migraines, hope you feel brighter tomorrow.

Photographing Mom said...

Very cute SPS and the flowers are gorgeous.

anita said...

some beautiful shots!!!
loving all the garden photos :)
thanks for the birthday wishes