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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tall Tales

The word today over on HSMSHS, is 'Tall'.

I am tall, but I'm not taking a shot of myself today!

My younger daughter is tall. 6ft 2ins in her bare feet. Unfortunately, she isn't here to photograph.

So, it's back to my trusty garden again - and some tall trees and a chimney stack!

On my wander round the garden I saw this opening daisy. I love the vibrant pink on the petals.

I also spotted this. It's not a dandelion - it's much smaller - but I do love the amazing symmetry and beauty of these weed clocks.

Tim is away playing golf in Insch today. It's some sort of University team thing. Hope the rain stays off for them!



Chris T said...

You have a lovely garden Bobs! Love the bee shots & I'm with you on weed clocks, so pretty & fairy like. Have had a quick catch up on your blog - somehow missed it out last week. Glad you have some nice sunshine - it's miserable here- very April showers but wrong month :-)

Igotmebabe said...

I love your garden too, it looks so peaceful.
Love how you have captured the tall trees, cannot pick a favourite they are all great and love the little weed clock.

Igotmebabe said...

A lot of loves in that post :)

Kerry said...

I love tall trees especially when they are blowing in the wind. It has a calming effect.

Coffeedoff said...

The chimney stack is good, I like the angle. Love the other pics too!

Sue Nicholson said...

Weed clocks just stir childhood memories from deep within, and I LOVE them on the advert for . . . whatever . . . to cure hayfever :-)

Mmmmm . . .clearly that ad works!!!

Daisies are so pretty and I love the light playing on the petals here . . . beautiful.

And that chimney . . . great take for the prompt. Trees are so majestic aren't they . . . very imposing too.

Lovely shots from your space today, Bobs :-)

Photographing Mom said...

Weeds are one of my favorite things to photography. I even asked hubby *not* to cut part of our lawn, because there are these teeny purple flowers and daisies and dandelions and...

Great photos!!!

God's Rock Angel said...

I need to do some serious catching up on HSMSHS. I like the photos today :)

dottydotty said...

great trees bet they sound fab in the wind

Melissa said...

Wonderful shots, love the dandelion.