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Saturday, 23 May 2009

SPS, Flowers and Swallows

This shot of Merry is my SPS (Someone's Portrait Saturday) for today. Those little out-of-focus flowers in front of her are forget-me-nots. A couple of years before she died, my darling mum threw a handful of forget-me-not seeds around my garden and every year since then, they seed themselves and I get a lovely display. They have spread too and are everywhere! But they remind me of mum and I love them.

Also in my garden, my favourite place to photograph insects - the cornflowers and Solomon's Seal.

One of our swallows. They fly so quickly, it's impossible for me to get a sharp shot!

Nore sure what I'll be doing today. Tim usually watches Saturday Kitchen in the morning, then I think it's the qualifying for tomorrow's Monaco Grand Prix in the afternoon, so he'll be glued to the box for that too!

Actually, scratch that. I forgot that today, it's the Coffee Morning at the school my grandchildren go to, so we're going to that very shortly! Yay!



Liz said...

He looks like you startled him his eyes are so big.

We have Swallows too but you have to be quick to take a picture.

Coffeedoff said...

Gorgeous bird photo. Love the flowers too!

Kate said...

Is it me or are that cat's eyes just too close together, lol. Great photos like the swallow, they are always out at dusk over the cricket pitch and all I ever get on my photos is a little black blur.

Just_Fee said...

Great shot of Merry, her expression is strange, but when are cats normal...haha
Lovely forget me nots too :)

Chris T said...

Lovely SPS & the swallow photo is great - looks pretty sharp to me! Love what your Mum did , such a beautiful memory :-)

Photographing Mom said...

Beautiful photos, Bobs!