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Friday, 1 May 2009

Wings and Monsters

Wing is the word over on HSMSHS today. I couldn't decide which one to use, so here are them all.

I love my Enchantica Dragons:

One of Tim's model aircraft - an F14:

Yesterday, I decidedc to try to make a sock monster, using the Blue Peter pattern that I found on the CBBC website.

They're addictive!

My first attempt is a bit lop sided and lumpy, but hey-ho. Meet Tallulah:

Who was quickly followed by Douglas:

Then finally, Billy (named after Billy Idol, due to the lip curl!):

They quickly became experts at playing Guitar Hero on the Wii, but due to the lack of stature, it had to be a team effort.

Tim wanted to get in on the act, but Billy was having none of it!

I'm going to make some more today, I think.

On to the toe saga .......

I had the hospital again today and the doctor put me for more x-rays, which showed that the fracture is still not healed. I knew it wasn't because of the shooting pains I get when I try to bend it!

So anyway, yet another two weeks off work ..........



jo said...

Love Billy Tallulah and Douglas!!!

Fab wing shots - I tried to commander my boys lego spaceships - but I wasn't allowed!!

Photographing Mom said...

Sorry about the toe. :'(

Great wing photos!!

Gwyneth said...

they're both great wing shots, I can't choose which I like better either. Maybe the dragon, but only because I'm partial to mythological creatures :)

Really cute sock monsters too! My son would adore them.

Igotmebabe said...

Fab wing shots and I think Tallulah is the star of the sock monsters :)

Liz said...

Great pics today. Sock monsters are great but I thought you only made 3!! Oh you did the 4th one is Tim:)

dottydotty said...

those sock monsters are so cool mine is sitting on the front ledge of my car bet he would like to play guitar hero. love the bird it looks very tactile

Gez said...

Fabby wings. All great shots.

Sorry to hear about the toe...((hugs))

Your sock monsters are fabby. I've just got to give these a try.:-)

Have a super weekend. Gez.xx