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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Winner Takes it all!

Hallowe'en, as some of the readers of this blog may know, is a big day in our family! We love it and we all dress up. Our local pub holds a party every year and we all put great thought and preparation into our costumes, with nothing (or very little) being bought pre-made.
Last Hallowe'en, Jodie was the 'Winner' (which happens to be the word for today over on HSMSHS)and her friend Kerry was the equal winner! Jodie was Medusa and her friend was Old Gregg, a character from the Mighty Boosh.
Jodie had black 'goo' oozing from her mouth earlier in the evening, which accounts for the black chin! Lol

My potatoes have finally decided to push up through the soil - hurrah!

As usual, he was beside me while I took photographs...

Some more of my shrubs and herbaceous plants are coming into flower now.

A shower of bluebells ...

Sadly, most of them look like this now. I wish they lasted all year!

Still grey and cold here, so no modelling today.

*Edited to say that the heavens have just opened and it's pouring down now!!



Coffeedoff said...

Lovely set of photos, the shrubs look pretty. Well done girls for winning.

Igotmebabe said...

Great winners shot :) I always enjoy looking at your shots from your garden, love the bluebells

Photographing Mom said...

Great winners!!

Your flowers are gorgeous.

Liz said...

Great Halloween costumes. Well done to the winners.

Your garden looks lovely. Wish I had plants in mine.

Chris T said...

Great Winners shot Bobs! Love the flower shots - gorgeous & the castle ones too!