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Saturday, 20 June 2009

How very odd it is .......

..... not to have an SPS to do today, or an SOS to do tomorrow. Feels like something is missing!

I expect I'll get used to it eventually.

So for breakfast today, I had three of these beauties:

Kerry gets eggs from a local farm and she gets half a dozen for me every week. Soooo much more tasty than supermarket eggs. Just look at the colour of that yolk!

I also had one of these for a light lunch:
Gotta love flapjacks!

The hire car finally arrived on Thursday afternoon. It's a Mazda and it's rather nice!

In my garden this morning, these were on display:

The white foxglove has finally developed little spots inside the cups.

The loosestrife flowers are opening.

The honeysuckle is coming along nicely. Can't wait till they're properly open in the evenings and so release their heavenly scent!

My niece is up from Kent on holiday at the moment and it's her birthday today, so we're going out to the pub tonight to celebrate!




Eleanor said...

That egg looks so scrummy, I almost wish I hadn't just eaten tea so I could have one, or three. Not sure it would have such a vibrant yolk mind.
My fave photo is the honeysuckle, it draws you in.

dottydotty said...

yummy breakfast
elderflower champagne is easy or so it seems to make having never done it before just google search and go for the hugh fearnley whitingstal version but if you want to have a go get in quick because the flowers are starting to turn


Chris T said...

Love your flower photos Bobs, hire car looks very smart!

Jan said...

Beautiful Photography..I have several flower gardens and love to spend time in there...except for the weeding :)