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Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I asked Jodie came out here yesterday so I could take some headshots of her, both for her modelling portfolio and to give me some practice. I don't have any studio lighting, but I do have large patio doors, through which streams a nice, soft light.

By sheer coincidence, I wanted to take an old-looking shot, which ties in perfectly with the word today over on HSMSHS! The grainy, dusty effect is exactly what I had in mind.

I'm really pleased with how some of the other shots turned out too. As usual, please click for a bigger view.

There are some more photographs from this shoot over on my photoblog, Snap-Happy Bobs .... link on the right.

Can't wait till our next shoot now!


1 comment:

Photographing Mom said...

Old-fashioned shot is awesome!!

You're an amazing photographer, Bobs!!