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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Showing Off

Tim and I and our friends had a lovely meal at the Chinese restaurant yesterday evening. Good food and good conversation are always a great combination. We had a quick drink in the pub afterwards, then went back to a friend's house for coffee.

It's SOS (Show-off Sunday) again over on HSMSHS and I'm shamelessly showing off another of the shots I took of Jodie last week!

It's grey and overcast again this morning. Where has the sun gone????

If you find it, please return to ............




Zoe said...

Fantastic shot - love it!

Sun's down here I'm afraid! Will send it your way soon :)


Raven Ember said...

Hey Mama :)
Why aint you following by Blog? lmao

Bet you didnt even know it existed till now!!

And I aint found no sunshine yet, but I can see a wee bitty o blue sky!

Photographing Mom said...

Love this shot, too!!!!

No sunshine here. :'(