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Friday, 19 June 2009

Sun? What Sun?

No sun here, I'm afraid. Wild and windy, but no sun.
But the word today over on HSMSHS, is 'sunglasses' and I don't own a single pair,so I had to go a'huntin' for Tim's.

My naughty sock monsters were desperate to model them.

Then finally, Tim had a chance to wear them!

Who suits them best? :-)

SO yesterday evening finally arrived when Tim and I went to see Cameron in 'Bugsy Malone'. It was brilliant! The whole cast were fabulous - especially Fat Sam. He's only 10 - the same age as Cameron - but he was great! Cameron was acting as Knuckles (Fat Sam's right-hand man) and he was wonderful!! The acting was great, the dancing was fab the singing was amazing, especially the 11 year old girl who acted as Blousy Brown. Her voice was so powerful!
The splurge guns and custard pies were so funny and the mess at the end was frightening!! Lol
For being such a small town, we really do have a wealth of talent waiting to be discovered.

Well done to everyone involved!

Especially Cameron! :-)



Photographing Mom said...

Thanks for the sunny laughs this morning!!

WeirdCat said...

Sorry Tim but the pink and grey sock wins

dottydotty said...

I just love your sock monsters I really must make some more

Coffeedoff said...

great photos, love the sock monsters.