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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Where Has the Week Gone?

I knew I hadn't blogged for a few days, but didn't realise it had been a whole week!

I somehow got a massive speck of dirt on the sensor in my camera and, me being the nervous sort, I didn't want to try removing it myself. So Tim and I went to Aberdeen a few days later and took my camera to Jessop's, where the very nice chappie got rid of it for me! He showed me what to do in case it ever happens again and we bought a puffer, just in case!

Today being Saturday, it's SPS over on HSMSHS. This is another shot I took of Jodie last week.
You can see how cold she was because of the goosepimples! How we suffer for our art!

I saw this gorgeous cloud formation in the sky yesterday evening:

Then on the way back inside, I spotted this spiny beauty:

It's a HUGE Scottish Thistle and the buds are ripening. It's growing amongst my honeysuckle, so it won't be there much longer, I'm afraid. It will have to be chopped down before it blows seed everywhere, because if I let that happen, there will be thistles everywhere next year - and that wouldn't be good!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



God's Rock Angel said...

Rock on Jodie!!! Thats a lovely picture!!! I seriously need to get back into HSMSHS I am so not with it lol

Photographing Mom said...

Such a beautiful SPS picture!!!