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Friday, 3 July 2009


My honeysuckle is in full flower just now and if you go anywhere near it, all you can hear is a low droning noise. It's just covered with bees, bees and yet more bees!
Now, I'm very scared of bees, thus I won't go too close to the honeysuckle, but I want pictures of the bees, so I solved this dilemma by using my telephoto lens instead of the macro. It's great! I get to stand further away, but I can still zoom in close.

Simples! :-)

Only downside is that it's much more difficult to get a sharp shot, hence the slight blur in this one, which is my shot for the word of today - 'Attract'.

The honeysuckle also attracts hoverflies:

The flowers in the garden are looking mighty fine just now .....

My wonderful furry friends accompanied me.
Elvis needs no introduction!

Merry on the left, running to say hello to Star, who seldom ventures into the garden any more.

Star is getting more blind and deaf as the days go on and I do worry about her because she is so old. However, her appetite is still good for the moment, but when she shows signs of not being interested in eating, I think the time may then have come to say goodbye to my beautiful old lady.

Hope it isn't for some time yet though!



Just_Fee said...

cheers for the comments!
I have been thinking of doing another one in yellow too!!

Your bee sht is wonderful, I love the blur of it's tiny wings, I'm trying to turn our garden into a bee friendly space, I'm even thinking about buying a bee nest :)
Your shots of Elivs, merry and star are so cute!

CHEERpy TALK said...

You are an excellent photographer

Gez said...

Brilliant photos.

Bless the bee he's covered in pollen!

Photographing Mom said...

Look at all that pollen! Wow!!

Awesome shots, as always! :o)

Chris T said...

Lovely shots- great close up. How old is Star? She still looks well!

Coffeedoff said...

Love the bee shot.