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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Pink Thursday

So, Nature's Beauty week continues with 'Pink' for today.

I can't wait until my buddleia is in full bloom so I can hopefully get some decent shots of butterflies. It's definitely on its way though, because I saw this tiny floret open .... and now I just have to be patient till the rest catch up!

Babysitting was fine last night. I sat and watched Pretty Woman, while crocheting some more granny squares for my throw. That's the great thing about finally getting used to my Varifocals - I can watch TV and yet don't have to change glasses for close work.

Kerry, Simon and the oldest two grandkids really enjoyed the Harry Potter movie. I've never read any of the books and although Kerry says I'd love them, I'm just not tempted at all!



mil lunares said...

What a nice shot!!
Thank you for your comment. It isn´t a weigelia, but I have no idea, what it is. It was allready there, when we moved to this house.

Photographing Mom said...

Great photo, Bobs.

HP books are REALLY good. Better than the movies. :o)

Igotmebabe said...

A beautiful shot, mine is at the same stage and am also waiting on the butterflies

dottydotty said...

love the pink poping out of the purple

Gez said...

Great pink...roll on the butterflies. :-)

Chris T said...

Lovely macro. You should give the books a go - they are good :-) (but then I'm biased )