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Friday, 17 July 2009

Red Friday

Friday, in Nature's Beauty, is red.

These red hot pokers were in my garden when I first moved here 20 years ago and I swear they are getting smaller and smaller each year. I really need to dig them up, split them and replant in a better position, but like a lot of jobs, I just never seem to get around to it!

This will probably be my last blog for a week or so because Tim and I are going down to Northampton to visit his family. We're also going to take some trips out to see places that I've always wanted to see, but never had the chance. Places like Stoneghenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, Uffington etc. Can you tell I love archaeology? Lol

We're also hoping to visit Bath and Cheddar Gorge. I've been to both of these before, but not since my children were very small.

Can't wait to get away. Only bummer is that I can't drive because of my toe, so poor Tim will have to do it all!

I'll try to get online while we're away, but if I don't manage, then I'll see you all when we get back!




Rach said...

I love red hot pokers but no longer have any I must try and rectify that. Hope you have a wonderful time while you are away and that the weather is kind to you. x

Sarah said...

Fab shot. I´ve never senn these red hot pokers
Wish you a great time!

Chris T said...

Our red hot pokers are relatively young but pathetic. Yours looks lovely.
Have a fab holiday and look forward to seeing your photos when you're back.Lots of potential for some great ones with your wish list of places to see!

Igotmebabe said...

Beautiful shot, they stand so tall and proud :)
Enjoy your trip

Photographing Mom said...

Awesome!!! Never seen those before.

Have a GREAT trip. I'd love to visit Stonehenge!

God's Rock Angel said...

I live in Bedford, you'll be kinda round the corner from me :) If you have chance go for a walk along the Embankment in Bedford - lots of photo opportunities :)