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Monday, 13 July 2009

Yellow Monday

HSMSHS are shaking things up this week by having a themed week! The theme for this week is 'Nature's Beauty' and every day has a sub-theme:

Monday - Yellow
Tuesday - Green
Wednesday - Purple
Thursday - Pink
Friday Red

So, here is my Yellow Monday shot. Loosestrife in full bloom.

It's kinda nice to know some prompts in advance now and again!

Yesterday, I decided to try bsking brownies for the first time in my life. I wanted to use Eleanor's recipe, but couldn't find it, so Kerry gave me the recipe she uses. Kerry's are always, ALWAYS delicious so I gave it a go!

Cooled down enough to take out of the baking tin:

Cut into squares. Look at all that soft and squidgy gooiness!!

They taste gorgeous too! These are now in a container for a couple of days to let all the flavours and softness develop fully! :-)



Vanessa said...

Fabulous shots! The yellow is so vibrant and well....the rest are scrummy! :)


Mandy Stapleton said...

Lovely yellow shot hun. xox

Igotmebabe said...

A fab shot, love it
The brownies look scrummy :)

Coffeedoff said...

Great yellow shot! Brownies look too yummie to wait a couple of days?

dottydotty said...

love the fact that you have blur at the front and the back and that cake looks yummy

Photographing Mom said...

Gorgeous yellow!!

Yummy brownies!!

Rach said...

OMG how can you leave those alone for a couple of days - you have something wrong with you if you don't take a nibble on one!! lol
Love your yellow. x

SuzyB said...

Gorgeous Yellow :o)

Even more gorgeouser (ooh new word) brownies!

Chris T said...

Lovely yellow & scrummy looking brownies but like Rach can't believe you can resist for a few days :-)

Sue Nicholson said...

Super shot Bobs . . . not sure I have seen that plant here!

I am baking brownies later and maybe an apple cruble too :-)