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Friday, 21 August 2009

Almost time to say 'Goodbye' .....

... to these sweet summer visitors.
This was taken through my kitchen window this morning, hence the poor quality. How many can you count? Well, there were at least the same number again, just flying around.

I sneaked (snuck?) round the side of the house to grab this shot, before dear old Elvis came out and scared them away!
In a couple of weeks, they will be gone till next summer. I love their chirruping and the speed of their flight. I'm always amazed they don't crash into things.

Also busy in my garden this morning, were these hoverflies:

My day lily was swarning with the little critters!

Tim's off to the gym for his next session and I'm having a nice cuppa!



giftsofthejourney said...

Stunning insect photographs this morning...I am so jealous. :)

What are you using to capture these beautiful high flyers?

jo said...

Love the hover fly shots - we have lots of swifts too.

Sharon said...

Beautiful shots of the hoverflies!
Is that with your Macro lens Brenda?

Rach said...

Amazing Hover Fly shots Bobs. Lovely. x