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Monday, 24 August 2009

Butterflies, Bees, Flowers ..... and cats!

Two nights ago, before I went up to bed, I spotted this little chap, eating some leftover cat food, by the back door!

Today is the most difficult day of the year for me. Those who know me, know why.

But it was a gorgeous day and I spent some time in my garden, just taking photographs of the wildlife and trying not to think too much.

Painted Lady:

I haven't seen one of these before:

A wasp tucking in to a juicy strawberry. Yikes!!

How lucky was I to see these three different varieties of buterfly feeding on my buddleia? Clockwise from bottom left ....
Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Painted Lady

A busy bumblebee:

A pretty pink flower. I quite sure this is a weed, but I still think it's lovely!

Face of a Peacock butterfly. Surely a face only a mother could love!

Speaking of mothers, these tiny beauties are a season-late legacy of my own mum's. She scattered these seeds around my garden the year before she died and they grow more profuse wih each passing season. I think, for the rest of my life, I won't be able to see a Forget-Me-Not without thinking of her. Thank you, mum! xxxxx

What walk around the garden would be complete without my wonderful, furry friends?
Merry - full of vitality, rippling muscles and the joys of youth!

Elvis - getting on a bit now, but always, ALWAYS there as I walk around!

Star - delicate, fragile, darling little Star. Deaf as a post and blind as a bat, she's not really able to do very much now except lie in the sun, being adorable.



Rach said...

Wow wow and wow. Hope your day wasn't too bad. x

avagdro said...

Thanks Bobs for sharing.Adorable pictures.Pretty cute.

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Liz said...

They are all fantastic shots. you should do photography professionally. you'd be great at it :)