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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Holidays - part 2

My laptop decided to go on a go-slow and because all the holiday photos are on said laptop, I haven't been able to blog about it! I installed SpyBot and ran a check and it found a couple of Trojans which I got rid of and now the laptop seems to be working ok again. Fingers crossed anyway!

So, very quickly and leaving out loads of photographs, here is the rest of our holiday ....
My life's ambition of visiting Stonehenge has been fulfilled:

Then we went to Cheddar Gorge and Caves. This spectacular sight is being made by limestone deposits in Gough's Cave. Obviously, a photograph will never do it justice.

From there, we went to Avebury to see the huge stone circle there:
This photo is rubbish because it was really overcast and started to drizzle so I just wanted to get a shot, then get back to the car before my camera got wet!

On the way back to Northampton, we went to see the Uffington White Horse. I was really disappointed with this because there is really no decent viewpoint. It's dug out of the highest point in Oxfordshire, so you just cannot see it properly from anywhere. Therefore, ANY shots that you see in books etc, must have been taken from the air, yet they don't tell you this. Very disappointing, but at least I've seen it! This shot was taken from quite a few miles away, using a telephoto lens.

Two days later, we went to Glastonbury. I was suffering badly with the toothache on this day and it just wouldn't go away.

Tim climbed the Tor, while I waited in the car. He has wanted to climb the Tor for a long time and has finally done it!

Then we visited Glastonbury Abbey, which was stunning - and must have been immense in size when it was in use!

We made our way to Bath next. I visited Bath with my children when they were small and it was lovely to go back again.

I love this view of the River Avon at Bath, with the weir and Pultney Bridge in the background.

Finally for that day, we visited the Rollright Stones, near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire. My granny used to tell me how she took my mum for picnics there when she was a little girl. I was quite emotional as I approached this circle because my granny and my mum are both now gone and I knew I couldn't let them know that I had visited this lovely place.

After we left Northampton to make our way back home to Scotland, we visited a very dear frend who loves in Cullercoats, North Shields. I couldn't go there and NOT take a photograph of this, could I?

She is gorgeous and spectacular and HUGE!!!

Sorry this post has been so long and so image-heavy,so if you've made it this far without falling alseep or being bored to death, then congratulations!! :-)



God's Rock Angel said...

Is the stone circle at Avebury the one that crosses the road? (starts on one side of the road and finishes the other? - it's a shame that the road was put all the way through the middle.

Bobs said...

Most of the whole village of Avebury is either inside, or staddling, the circle. Makes you wonder what the folk who give planning permission are on!!
And yes, there is a road going staight through it too!

Liz said...

It looks like you had a great time. Stonehenge is on my to do list at some point. I'm not sure about the Angel of the North!! Maybe she's different up close. Glad your lap-top is working again and your able to blog. :)

maz said...

Hey Bobs! *waving* Wonderful holiday photos - you packed a lot in didn't you! England in a nutshell. I really enjoyed looking:)