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Saturday, 21 November 2009


Kerry and I had a super, smashing, great girlie weekend in the big smoke last week! We travelled down on the train on Friday 13th and came home again on Sunday 15th. Only one complete day there, but it's amazing what you can pack in when you have to!

It didn't start too well though, when we discovered (once we were already on the train) that the travel agent had given us the wrong train times, PLUS the wrong train operator. Hence, we found ourselves stuck in lonely Stonehaven station for two hours at stupid o'clock in the morning, in the freezing cold!

Eventually, we caught the correct train and settled down for the journey.

Our hotel room had a nice view of the GPO Tower. I remember when this had a revolving restaurant at the top!

Once we arrived, we had time fit in quick visit to the British Museum, which was just a few minutes walk away from the hotel. It was dark outside by then and sadly, I just had my little 'point and shoot', which couldn't capture the glass roof at all.

It did pick up an orb though!

We went to Planet Hollywood at Picadilly for a meal .....

.... which we supplemented with a delciously dreamy, creamy cocktail, made from Bailey's, Amaretto and Kahlua ... topped with whipped cream and banana slices!

Later, we met up with Ciaran - who is one of Kerry and Simon's friends. He doesn't normally have a moustache, but is growing one for 'Movember', which encourages guys to 'grow a mo' for charity during the month of November! :-)

Next day, we visited St. Paul's Cathedral and even climbed the stairs to the Whispering Gallery! You can't take pics inside the cathedral, so this is Kerry outside instead.

Next, we walked down to the Millennium Bridge and got this shot of us with St. Paul's behind us ...... and yes, it was incredibly windy!

Over the bridge, we went to the Tate Modern, which was absolutely fabulous! I didn't expect it to be as good as it was, because I'm not a fan of modern art .... but it was truly amazing and I would definitely go back again! Unfortunately, once again, no photography was allowed inside apart from in the lobbies.

From there, we went down the street a wee bit to the Globe Theatre!

We both loved it! There are short (about 30 mins) guided tours and it was well worth it. Here's Kerry with the stage behind her ...

We went for a meal in Leicester Square, where we shared a lovely bottle of Aussie white.

Caught the tube back to the hotel, popped into the British Museum again, then met Ciaran and his fiancee Peta, in the hotel bar, where we shared another couple of bottles of Aussie wite!

We wanted to go to see "Pricilla, Queen of the Desert" in the evening, but the tickets were just far too expensive, so we went back to Leicester Square to see the movie "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" instead. I'm really glad we did because it was fab!

Sunday morning and we walked from the hotel to King's Cross where we caught the train back to Aberdeen again. I snapped Kerry as we were stopped at Doncaster station, engrossed in a book about art and journalling, that we had each bought from the Tate Modern.

As we pulled into Newcastle station, I wondered to myself, how many bridges did they actually NEED over the Tyne!

So, we arrived back in Aberdeen at 6.45pm and were met by Tim, who drove us home.

It was a fabulous weekend and I can't wait till we do it again sometime. It would be even better if Jodie could come too!!



Photographing Mom said...

Thanks for the guided tour!! Looks like a lot of fun! :o)

Sharon said...

Oh wow you two had a blast!!!